St Patrick's day

St Patrick's day

By Charlie Milo Lou | Charlie Milo Lou | 17 Mar 2021


English Traduction :  

Red : My favorite beer is the Bud light.  

Yellow : Really ? Mine is Coors. We both like America beers, funny.  

Orange : You're weird. Everybody knows that the best beer is the Guinness.  

Waiter : Hi ! Will you take something ?  

Red : I'll take a Bud Light.  

Yellow : and i'll take a Coors then.  

Orange : In that case, i want a coffee.  

Red : Why did you not take a Guinness ?  

Yellow : It's St Patrick's day, drink with us !  

Orange : If you both don't take beer, then me neither.     

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Charlie Milo Lou
Charlie Milo Lou

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Charlie Milo Lou
Charlie Milo Lou

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