The Land of Undying Beauty

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 16 Apr 2022

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By: Charles Aldux



The Land of Undying Beauty

Welcome to a land,

Where beauty never fades.

And all is forever grand.

Where all skin is forever soft as silk.

And kind hearted women are plentiful.

And they never will leave.

And all of them wear their hearts and minds on their sleeves.

And there's not a thing about them that would cause me to grieve.


Where the sun doesn't harm those with skin as white as milk.

Where pleasure isn't a predator,

That brings pain past the climax.

Where pleasure is an infinite high.

Bring me to this land.

The land where nothing becomes scary.

The land where all emotions remain gay.

For nothing and no one can decay.

The impossible land, where I wish to lie.

Where beauty does nary,


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Poet, Writer, and blogger of my own literary works and getting into crypto for fun.


Welcome to Charles Aldux's Literary Blog. As of 2022 I will have been writing Poetry for 13 years starting back when I was 12. I also write essays and short stories. Charles Aldux is a pseudonym consisting of a combination between my middle name Charles and the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

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