The Black Pelagic Waters

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 22 Jul 2022

By: Charles Aldux

Dedicated to the love of my life: Ninasyki



The Black Pelagic Waters

I sail the ocean wide.

Hearing a voice among the tide.

It claps, it shatters, yet stills.

Helping me sleep, yet giving me chills.

The sound is so holy but violent.

I swear that I can hear it, 

Even in silence.


Among the tide I cannot see.

But I wonder if the voice that I hear,

Is one filled with beauty.

For when I listen it fills me with pure ecstasy.

In this violent sea.

Where the coast is all but clear.


Her skin, I can almost touch.

Whilst thinking of the unknown being.

I begin to blush.

With a voice so vibrant.

That haunts my thoughts, and even my dreams.

She taunts me in a way that is flagrant.

The ominous rainy clouds in the ether.

And her mysterious perfume brings about a scent so fragrant.


She sings harmoniously.

As if to tell me that everything will be halcyon.

Trapped in her alluring tempest.

The one that summons squalls and gales.

It seems that her voice is one that I rely on.


I am alone in this sea. 

For my very crew have gone mad as a March hare.

And have jumped into the forsaken black pelagic waters.

Her voice has captivated me.

Her essence trapped in my soul.

Forsake her, I shalln't dare.


In this sea, I dared venture.

In this sea, I'm seemingly in solitude.

However, this endless storm is quite an affair.

Her captivating sounds mixed with the violent gusts.

Somehow makes me know that she is one that I can trust.

Even though my hair will shrivel with time.

I know that she, will forever remain mine.


As her voice gets softer and softer as I grow old.

And my skin begins to mold.

Even in death, I will hear her voice.

And I will continue the endless ride.

Her hand I forever will wish to hold.

My heart is her's, she has my soul.

She will forever be my bride.


She is the one who found me in the tide.

Says sweet things even when I've died.

Holds me tight, though I cannot see her hair.

Her skin's so soft.

With her body bare.

Some say this to be a curse, but to say that, I would not dare.


The creature is so lovely it makes me shed a tear.

With a voice so crystal clear.

I always feel her ever so near.

Though not married I feel as if.

And her sweet scent I love to sniff.


The smell of her natural aroma is paralyzing.

To the point where I cannot move.

And her voice is emphasizing, my obsession.


At the end of my life I will remain on this ship.

With a gaze of awe.

The ship will remain unsinking with the storm unabated.

Nobody will be able to see or hear, exactly what I heard and saw.

For she is one that found me despite.

When searching the stars.

She found an acolyte.

And I heard her inexorable words.

The ones that came from the one, who to me, was recondite.


Glossary of words:


Acolyte: (noun) Usually a follower or helper of a philosophy, cult, religion, or possibly a malignant political regime.


Alluring: (adjective) powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating; seductive.


Ecstasy: (adjective) An overwhelming amount of excitement and happiness.


Ether: (noun) the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.


Flagrant: (adjective) Something that is obviously offensive.


Gales: (plural noun) Very strong winds.


Halcyon: (adjective) Calm; peaceful; serene.


Inexorable: (adjective) Impossible to stop or prevent.


Ominous: (adjective) Something with a malignant warning; giving the impression that something awful or bad may occur; threatening.


Mad As A March Hare: (adjective; an expression; figure of speech) Referring to the mating habits of a hare (not exactly a rabbit) where they get very protective. In this analogy it is like calling a person a mad man, or an insane man.


Pelagic: (adjective) Referring to the sea's waters far into the sea, not near the shoreline.


Recondite: (noun) (From Latin reconditus [recondō + -tus] recondō meaning concealed or hidden, plus the Latin root word -tus meaning provided with.) Of a subject or Knowledge that is little known, abstruse, or hidden.


Shalln't: (verb) a contraction of shall and not. Meaning to refrain from doing.


Squalls: (noun) a sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet.


Solitude: (noun) The state of being in the state of loneliness; to be alone.


Tempest: (noun) A violent windy storm.


Unabated: (adjective) To not abase or abate; unchanging; immutable; unable to be changed.


Unsinking: (adjective) That which does not sink.


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