Tears After Yawning (poem)

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 7 Mar 2022

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By: Charles Aldux
10:00 p.m. - 10:12 p.m. CST
On 3/6/2022

Tears After Yawning

Of all the stars in the sky.
Why are you the one,
That, when I look at thyne.
A tear begins to form,
As I begin to cry.

Won't you come back to me?
As I am just a tree.
In a decaying atmosphere.
But when you are not here.
All that comes near.
I will begin to fear.

Dry is the soil that warms my roots.
When I gaze upon your cosmic face.
There is a dark void that surrounds.
I need you here,
So I no longer have to face,
The loneliness and infertility.
I've never had another to embrace.
Or had enough comfort to taste.
Why am I damned here in this barren place?

Until the break of dawn.
The lonely feelings continue to spawn.
I know that when I wake,
Even when the stars above are harder to locate.
I can still see exactly where you are.
I am stuck here.
In my horrid state.
Far away from where we're drawn.
The trepidation I feel circulates,
It doesn't matter if it is dawn.
But when the sun dies,
I will be forever gone.
And I won't have to remember what continues when I awake.
When I form the waking tears,
After I yawn.


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