An Essay on Societal and Generational Repitition

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 2 Jul 2022

It has come to my attention that due to my perusal in public occasioning that sociatal slaves seem to enjoy repetitive feats. When I look at a man in a Naval Military suit in a black-and-white photograph he is standing proudly next to his son and unsurprisingly his son is dressed in a similar attire. Yet I wonder of the pure ignorance of this unwitting juvenile. He does not know of the same foot that will fit the shoes of his future. The poor boy remains in awe, recondite of the similar life that will unfold. Notice how I had stated similar and not the same. 


Many people will think that they must abide by a similar path of some familiar person and if it is not then it is a failure. Many will find it recondite how a person would or even could live in the ways like a maverick. For, the same people of that sort of commonplace or normality would be viewed by them as an outcast, a heretic, or even a hermit. And so they fear such a person, however even worse than that they will despise the thesis in general. 


It is not only a governmental society that creates such a hasty insipid lifestyle or meaning. It is also a key trait found in families, secret societies, cult groups, and (I mention this not originally intending to bring about something controversial but…) religion. 


The idea of having a family member not follow a similar path is horrifying to the person who wishes it so. That person who had that wished destiny would feel as if they had failed if they hadn't lived up to such a prophetic wish. The secret societies and cult groups will wish to put on a guise to distract the others from a change that perhaps may bring about their blatant lies and cruel antics. And the religious groups tend to find martyrdom as a moral suicide. But is that in itself a form of blinding? Teaching a form of not thinking but doing as one is told. Being told that a voice lies inside your psyche that is not your own sounds to me like a form of paranoid psychopathy. Yet you are told that it is not. And if you don't agree to this way of thought and continue down the path that is not enlightened or holistic you will be eternally damned. All of these are forms of being told that being a maverick is a reckless and an undesirably undestined path. 


But the real answer to all of this is that in the end of all of these theses none of them matter but they aren't exactly right or wrong entirely. In every madman there is some bit of sanity, in every truth there is a lie, in every drunkard there is sobriety, in every justice there is vengeance and in every evil there is morality. There are no winners but there are losers and believe me when I propose that those are more plentiful than believed. But sometimes the best path is to go down your own road. The path isn't always like that poem about two roads that diverge. For that third path remains abditive because nobody will mention the path because it is not less traveled for that imbibes the thought of it once being traveled on. But what if one was to take a path that never was. And I am not the one to make note on what that path is. I can not say what it was or will be because it is a matter of now. Now is what it is and not what it could be and you cannot take a path that was once an option because the forest that it resides amidst is like a vorous monster that has already swallowed it beyond mere oblivion.

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