Global Virtual Hackathon For Good

Global Virtual Hackathon For Good

By benlakoff | Charities | 25 Mar 2020


A Global  Virtual Hackathon for Good.



COVID-19 is impacting the world and there are organizations that need our help. NOW.

Do good with your unique skills while plugging into a network of others around the world doing the same. 

No development skills required, anyone can help.



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why charity makeover

what we do


The Event is Free, Impact is Great.



If you’re interested in helping, you’re eligible to apply.


We construct teams of developers, designers, copywriters, project managers, SEO/SEM and UX/UI experts depending on the needs of the charities and projects.




Head of Business Development at 2key


Established charities even have well-paid staff dedicated exclusively to fundraising. Smaller charities cannot afford such a luxury, and really committed charities shrink at the idea of using the hard raised funds for their own benefit instead of the cause they are championing. Those have hard-working staff, juggling between their dayjob, their duties for the charities and the always insufficient funds they somehow have to find.

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