Self Isolated

By irock | Channel | 21 Dec 2020

Would've acted relinquish to troubles they seem problematic facing fears they come like bull while I hold on to horns still capable of opening crack box filled with codes, would stare through broken hearts word drenched to mistake from the pit of disgust begotten from depths of careless tongues.
         Lost my mind severely under so many occasion switching conducts neglecting owned trait with negative ideas wouldn't cease in relating staking mine up in some corner of the world, practiced the past while I flew from it learned critics disposing love for more transmitted self owned hate, had the practice going for some few more time producing predictable malevolent super ridden benevolence producing disagreements to once ideal intent and purpose.

I was lacking in belief wondered which system I should adapt and operate with, wrong deeds came as flashbacks to my head wanted more of this thoughts was weak to all what were being thrown at me with less thought of preparation realized alot within myself.

      Shouldn't force love or lie about staying that way capable of things you wouldn't have imagined,  feeling special as the time come running past me am going to get to that speciality suppressing urge killing that self am beyond that which am up to, some grown up tired of weeping still felt relief doing that am not the creator but am trying to create my world the one am living filled with distrust non practiced word of love no stretched out hand for help climbing up with pains with tears to be redeemed the physical pain of duty felt at every turn what's the essence of trying to relate to my hateful surrounding allowing my grudge choke me in resent.

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making my line in place with what is felt conversing with this and me it felt hard maintaining composure feeling detest for more of them.

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