What Is The Sandbox NFT Game, And How Does It Help Raise Money?

What Is The Sandbox NFT Game, And How Does It Help Raise Money?

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 21 Oct 2021

Blockchain-based gaming is one of the most rapidly evolving domains of cryptocurrency. Remember CryptoKitties, a game for breeding cats that sparked record-high gas fees on Ethereum in 2017? It was one of the first ones to leverage the NFT format. Since then, many NFT games have emerged but with far more advanced features, game mechanics, and tokenomics.

As never before in gaming history, today, players have cryptographically proven ownership of land parcels and game items in a digital universe. Having an NFT guarantees that you own an item and no one can cheat and grab it, including the game’s dev team. This gives users the unique ownership experience that makes them pay millions of dollars for digital land that has no tangible “real-world” value.

Sandbox is one such game. Let’s see what it is and how users can monetize their game ‘property’.

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a blockchain-based digital universe (or a so-called metaverse) built on Ethereum. Here, players can create their own items, mint them as NFTs, and monetize — there is an NFT marketplace working in Sandbox.

There are three main elements in the Sandbox’s ecosystem. VoxEdit allows for building 3D models and designing game items; Marketplace makes it possible to trade these items, and the Game Maker interface lets users build their own games with scenarios inside Sandbox using no-code solutions such as script templates.


The economy of Sandbox is based on SAND — an ERC-20 utility token that is used to enter the game, exchange items with other players, and so on. The total supply of SAND is 3 billion. Also, it is a governance token, and soon, users will be able to stake it to earn rewards.

Besides SAND, there are also a few assets in the Sandbox ecosystem — LAND, ESTATE, ASSET, CATALYST, and GEM tokens. With LAND, you can buy a property which you can further merge and get ESTATE tokens. CATALYST and GEM give unique characteristics to ASSET that is used with LAND in the game flow.

What is the roadmap for Sandbox?

Sandbox has quite a broad roadmap for 2021, 2022, and 2023. This year, Sandbox is planning to launch the Foundation DAO with SAND staking for voting on Creators Fund management; continue regular LAND sales, enable multiplayer mode, and make the game available for different types of devices.

By 2022, Sandbox is planning to make sure that the game is available on consoles, will introduce new premium NFTs, provide over 1,000 games in the metaverse, activate new features in Game Maker, and more. Find the Sandbox full roadmap on their official website.

How can I earn with SAND?

This year, SAND held a mining event that ended in July; staking SAND for rewards is only to be introduced. However, there’s an interesting option to earn with Sandbox that is available right now.

As we’ve already mentioned, there is the LAND token in the Sandbox ecosystem that represents parcels of land that you can own in the game. The thing with it is that it’s scarce: there will never be more than 166K pieces of land in the Sandbox metaverse, while the interest in the game keeps growing. Some enthusiasts consider it a good investment to buy LAND now — and then, when the demand for it surges, you can rent this land to game designers who want to build their games on this parcel; you can stake LAND when it will be possible; let people host their shops or galleries on your land, and much more.

However, don’t consider this as investment advice. No one knows where the LAND price goes in the future and how lucrative this investment will be. Do your own research to make weighted and risk-aware decisions.


What is the SAND price prediction for 2021?

SAND token grew tenfold from $0.06 to $0.6 in just one year. In January 2021, the token price was $0.43. The asset is in demand among investors as it represents the new emerging generation of gaming where players have the freedom to own the metaverse and have handy tools to build in it.

The hype around NFTs and the monetization opportunities in the game only add to its value. Wallet Investor price prediction platform gives SAND $1.23 in a year. Tradingbeasts expects the token to reach $0.77 by September 2021 and $0.88 by 2022.

How can I buy SAND?

Although Sandbox has a built-in marketplace, you can only buy the SAND token outside the game. Binance, Huobi, and Uniswap are the major exchanges that allow buying SAND. You can also get it with 200+ cryptocurrencies on ChangeNOW without registration and KYC. The 4-step process will only take you about 5 minutes even if you’ve never used the service before.

We also recommend following the official media of Sandbox: they often hold airdrops, contests, and ambassador programs that give an opportunity to get SAND for free.

What are the wallets for SAND?

Any Ethereum wallet will work. To make the most of Sandbox, you need a wallet that will fully support all types of Ethereum-based tokens including NFTs, so we recommend setting up MetaMask. The wallet is available for Android, iOS, and Chrome.


Sandbox has attracted thousands of users with its near-addictive game mechanic, accessible tools for building inside the metaverse, and opportunities to profit. The game has gained especially much traction during the pandemic: some users spent their entire lockdowns engaging with the Sandbox universe. The sense of ownership and freedom to create are the things that make the game so valuable, and the scarcity of land inside it hints that the price of SAND will only grow.

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