ChangeNOW Sets the Bar: Shibarium Integration on the Horizon

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 4 Jul 2023

ChangeNOW is excited to announce that we are planning to integrate Shibarium! We are confident that we will be ahead of other big exchanges in integrating and supporting Shibarium. Our tech team is eagerly preparing to adopt Shibarium and provide our ecosystem of tools to support tokens and projects built on the network.  

About Shibarium

Shibarium is known as the Blockchain of "Teh People" and serves as a foundation for developers to build DApps, including Shib — The Metaverse (, Shiba Eternity, and more.

Security is a top priority with Shibarium's Proof-of-Stake algorithm, requiring users to stake their BONE tokens to participate in the network. This leads to transparency, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and true decentralization. That’s why ChangeNOW is so excited to support Shib — The Metaverse and Shiba Eternity, as well as other projects built on Shibarium.


Barking Good News: ChangeNOW and SHIB Partnership

ChangeNOW has already submitted an application to become a Shibarium partner and received a welcome email from Shytoshi Kusama. We will submit more information about our solutions and eagerly await the next steps.

As an exchange platform, ChangeNOW has been a long-term supporter of SHIBLEASH, and BONE tokens. In addition, we are dedicated to educating the public about the practical applications of these cryptocurrencies and increasing awareness of their benefits. We have produced various educational campaigns, informative content, and other materials to engage with the community and share knowledge about the capabilities of these tokens. With the integration of Shibarium on the horizon, we are committed to continuing these efforts and providing valuable resources to all those interested in the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

ChangeNOW's Strategy

At ChangeNOW, we are passionate about contributing as much as we can to the Shiba ecosystem. Our team is dedicated to developing new features that will provide benefits to Shibarium projects and the Shiba Inu community as a whole. With our unwavering commitment, we aim to support the growth and development of Shibarium, and we are proud to be among the first exchange platforms to integrate and support this exciting technology. We believe that the integration of Shibarium will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world and look forward to offering this groundbreaking technology to our platform's users.

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ChangeNOW is a non-custodial service created for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges. We strive for maximum safety, simplicity, and convenience. We do not store your funds or require any sort of account creation.

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