Bitcoin Halving 2024 Aftermath: Unveiling the Cryptocurrency Landscape

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 24 Apr 2024

The year 2024 marked another significant milestone in the history of Bitcoin – the highly anticipated halving event. As the cryptocurrency underwent its predetermined reduction in block rewards, the effects rippled throughout the entire digital asset ecosystem. Our new article delves into the aftermath of the 2024 Bitcoin halving, exploring its repercussions on market dynamics and the broader landscape of cryptocurrencies.

BTC price was around $63,500 when the halving occurred, but over the weekend its value spiked around 5% to $66,000. Bitcoin's current price (04/24/2024) is fluctuating between $65,000 and $67,000.

While bitcoin's price held mostly above $63,000 in the aftermath, something else caught the attention of the users. On April 20 2024, the day of the Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin transaction fees reached an unprecedented average of $128.45. The significant rise in fees coincides with more than 237,000 pending transactions, as well as memory usage surpassing 300 MB and reaching a peak of 1.15 GB.

Not only the Bitcoin halving impacted the rise in fees, but also the introduction of the Runes Protocol, a new token standard for issuing fungible tokens on Bitcoin, akin to BRC-20s.

Explore the full article by clicking the link to delve deeper into our comprehensive coverage. Within, you'll discover insights on post-halving price movement, altcoin price performance, BTC halving effect on crypto regulations,  and key crypto metrics to monitor.

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