4 Best BitTorrent Wallets in 2021

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 12 Aug 2021

With BitTorrent token growing by almost 900% since the beginning of 2021, many crypto investors are evaluating the potential of BTT and adding it to their portfolios. One more feature that makes BitTorrent attractive is that each month, TRON carries out a BTT airdrop to all TRX holders and will keep doing so until 2025.

If you are considering buying BTT, this article will help you find the wallet most relevant to your needs. If you are looking for a place to buy BitTorrent tokens, check out the rates on ChangeNOW — an instant crypto exchange service where you can buy BTT tokens with over 200 crypto assets without registration.

Hot wallets



TronLink, formerly known as TronWallet, is a community-developed open-source wallet for the TRON ecosystem. It was officially recommended by the TRON founder Justin Sun. TronLink is available for major mobile operating systems and as a Chrome browser extension.

If you want to buy other TRON-based tokens or engage with the TRON ecosystem — use TronLink. It allows storing TRX, TRC-10 (including BTT), and TRC-20 tokens. BitTorrent airdrops are fully supported, and no minimum amount of TRX is required for this. To get extra BTT, you don’t have to freeze your TRX. To stake TRON (which you can also do here), freezing your coins is necessary.

Guarda Wallet


Unlike TronLink, Guarda Wallet supports 45 different blockchains, so there you can store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitTorrent, and hundreds of other coins and tokens. Swap them for each other with a ChangeNOW-powered built-in exchange tool and buy new tokens, including BTT, right inside the wallet. Mobile, desktop, and browser versions of Guarda are available. The support team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues.

Since 2020, Guarda Wallet supports the BTT airdrop program: on the 11th of each month, 0.11 BTT for every 1 TRX on your balance is accrued. Simply hold at least 100 TRON coins in your wallet and earn passive income with BTT.

Cold wallets

Hot wallets are named so because your private keys are stored on a device connected to the internet. Cold wallets, of which the main part is represented by hardware wallets, are flash drive-like devices that store your keys offline, making them even more protected.

Ledger Nano S


Ledger Nano S supports BitTorrent along with a thousand other assets. After buying it (the current price is $59, shipping worldwide is available), install the official GUI on your computer or a mobile phone and connect your Ledger with a USB cable (computer) or Bluetooth (mobile). Ledger also supports BTT airdrops and TRON staking

Trezor One


Trezor is another cold wallet that ensures utmost security for your coins. Same as with Ledger, you don’t need it to receive your coins — only to send. Trezor One also costs $59 and supports as many assets. Usually, users prefer cold wallets when their crypto portfolio is growing and they’d want to protect their coins in all the ways possible — so consider storing your Trezor and Ledger in a safe and take special care if you are prone to losing small things.

Thank you for reading! We hope this guide has given you more clarity on where to store your BTT. Feel free to visit ChangeNOW and check what rates we offer for buying BitTorrent tokens. For more on TRON wallets, visit this article: we are discussing another community-developed Klever wallet and bringing the list of wallets officially recommended by TRON. You can also store your BTT in all of those.

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