Password Sync FInally Added?! - Brave Beta CHANGELOG UPDATE iOS v1.39 (

By CLOCKW3ЯK | Changelog Memory Alpha | 10 May 2022

Greetings Devs, Bloggers, and Crypto enthusiasts!

Today, I'll be briefly covering the latest update to Brave Beta for iOS, version 1.39 ( As a short intro note, Brave for iOS often contains no commit code or viewable branch on their GitHub (to my knowledge and research). If you happen to crawl across one, please post it in the comments below. With that out of the way, let's go over some of the latest features added to Brave! 


Some of the newest, feature-rich additions Brave Beta has to offer, are as follows;

* Proper sync v2 support
(Bookmarks, History, Passwords, etc. can now be brought to mobile with a simple QR scan!)

* Under the hood "performance changes", which does make Brave Beta feel much snappier than iOS Stable.

* Privacy Hub (added 1.38 [, added a new UI to see unique trackers and ads blocked.

* A new Certificate viewer (added 1.38 [, for checking website's encryption certification (for those not in the know, it determines if your connection to that given site is HTTPS or not).

To enable the new sync feature, head over to your Brave Beta app, or get in on the beta from this article I wrote prior about it's video PiP display. You can find it at the bottom, in my used links as well.


Next, open up the settings drawer, as shown below...


Finally, open the "Sync" option, and follow the instructions given to sync your passwords!


(Tip; Don't forget to enable the "Passwords" slider switch along with Bookmarks, and whatever else you may want to port across devices!)


In summarization, It's about time we got proper a iCloud-free, Keychain-less password manager built specifically for Brave, and I look forward as a continuing user to see what next additions and features will make their way to us.

Larga vida al BAT!
See you in the next article.

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