Haven't got your BAT yet? These 5 tips should help!

Haven't got your BAT yet? These 5 tips should help!

Greetings Devs, Brave-Users, and Crypto enthusiasts.

Today, I'll be going over what to do if you're encountering payout issues with Brave/Uphold. All of these are no-brainers, so you can get it done. 
And yes, even in your favorite weekend PJ's.



1. Are they still being processed?
Sometimes, Brave has a massive list of users to get thru, as explained here.
So a lot of the time has to do with making sure everyone gets their share.



2. Did you make the payout period?
Again according to Brave, if you didn't see this box from my last post...

Above, circled in red, is the next payout date as of today. It was August 7th. But Brave is still processing many, many backlogged BAT Rewards.

3. A new stable Brave PC fix is currently in Pre-Release, so be patient.
This version is commit code 48dffce, and version v1.28.103 Stable. This was talked about in another previous post.


So if you're on Windows, Mac or Linux, wait. Believe me, it's not worth a headache for something that's outside your control. Best kick back, fire up a good series, and wait it out until it comes ringing through. Which, about version, segways perfect to #4.

4. Are you up to date? 

Above is  brave://about, which tells you which version your on currently.
If you're not the latest version, check there. Brave should auto-update to keep in sync with it's Rewards API.

5. They may be arriving anytime!




Try checking your Uphold wallet or brave://rewards for your earnings! Gemini is still not supported for payout yet, but will be soon! No commit code has been documented for this future release.


BONUS; When in doubt, reach out!



At the Brave Support Page, you'll be able to create a ticket and reach out to the developers themselves. 
Sometimes this is just the easiest, and most convienient option to really feel like you did something about it.


With that said, I am sure these tips will help see your BAT to it's rightful place, your wallet.

See you in the next article!

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