By CLOCKW3ЯK | Changelog Memory Alpha | 26 Aug 2021

Greetings Devs, Bloggers, and Crypto enthusiasts!

Today, I'll be briefly covering the latest features and updates to Brave Nightly version 1.30.53, or commit code 3f64689


It appears that Nightly has finally gotten Gemini support for wallets inside Nightly! 
Now, I know what you're thinking, "I don't see it inside my Rewards settings/options..." 
To which I say, Indeed it is! It's just hidden away in a secret settings area.


Listed above, under brave://flags, You'll need to search "Gemini" in the search bar above, and set it to enable and restart Brave.
Having done that, take a look inside your Rewards settings under "Verify Wallet"
(If you're unverified with Uphold, because guessing from the amount of backlash Uphold's gotten, it's about time).

I haven't personally tested whether the feature fully works besides it updating the Rewards setting's GUI to display Gemini as an option. Wait until stable unless you wanna risk losing BAT!

Thenceforth, head over to brave://rewards if you're still unverified and take a gander if Gemini is an option. I'm not entirely sure what the status of it's operation is. I will make an article here for the Stable addition of Gemini support when it gets added in proper.

If you are on Stable, Beta or Dev, this will not work until a future commit. This is likewise with Android and iOS (considering iOS has no rewards functionality anymore).


Additionally, it seems that users are still experiencing issues receiving payouts to Uphold, (and guessing the amount of negative comments left by fellow Publish0xer's, I reckon that y'all are pretty sick of the one payout method of Uphold) It's good to know that another is finally being added.
However, it begs to ask the question if Brave will be adding services such as, or even Paypal support in the future. There's a multitude of wallets that exist for Ethereum already, even more-so considering BAT is built entirely onto Ethereum's Mainnet.
It's pretty likely we'll see this as Brave Software's Team begins to implement more options to select for payout. With that said, let's hope we don't get a repeat of the Uphold debacle... As far as that 5 Free BAT from Gemini... It appears they're still offering it as well. You can find this offer inside the Brave Rewards area linked above.


In brief TL;DR summary for those in a rush; Brave added Gemini support inside the flags options, it is unclear if it's fully functional as it's only in Nightly (to my knowledge). Hopefully it is finalized soon for stable. 

Larga vida al BAT!

See you in the next article!

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