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Why VPN is a must-have for crypto trading?

By ChangellyOfficial | Changelly blog | 31 Jan 2020

With the development of the data mining, people can be monitored everywhere, starting with surfing the web and ending with using a credit card and conducting other online transactions. However, using cryptocurrency for payment makes it possible to keep all your fiscal transactions undisclosed and feel safeguarded online.

Why do you need VPN

Modern technologies give people new opportunities: users can chat at any time of the day and night, watch favorite movies and series, conduct business meetings, and enjoy their pastime. Spending more time online, people start taking their Net safety and secrecy more acutely willing to safeguard themselves. Being aware they can fall a victim to cyber attacks, users start searching for the best way to make them feel safer when going online.

A VPN helps you remain anonymous on the net. When connecting via a virtual private net, such as NordVPN vs PIA, the user receives the IP address of another network and thus can hide the genuine location. An encrypted communication channel is forwarded between the user’s device and the VPN server, and all data transmitted through it is encoded. Thus, a third party will only receive unreadable data when intercepting traffic from this channel.

best VPN for Crypto Trading

VPN makes your cryptocurrency transactions safe

A side effect of cryptocurrency popularity is the increased interest of attackers. Cryptocurrency wallets are hacked more and more actively with each passing day. Therefore, VPN technology is also necessary for those who use cryptocurrency. After all, any cryptocurrency is completely digital. This means that it is essential to encrypt any data transferred to the network, as well as have a secure connection. And this is exactly what VPN technology does.

It’s worth working with wallets and any cryptocurrency exchange through a VPN. The technology doesn’t show your real IP address to avoid tracking. VPN significantly reduces the likelihood of stealing personal info, money, etc. In some wallets and exchanges, you can create a whitelist of IP addresses that may access them. If you enter the addresses provided via VPN there, the probability of compromising your wallet or account on the exchange will be reduced significantly.

Traveling traders often use public Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet. These public networks make it easier for hackers to access user device and information. Specific encryption protocols make data about crypto transactions inaccessible and protected from cyber attacks. Moreover, only the trader and the final recipient have the decryption keys data.

best VPN for Crypto Trading

VPN is protecting you from censorship

State censorship is blocking more and more sites. Some countries even block entire social networks. Using a reliable VPN service is extremely important; neither hackers nor cyberspies can access a VPN connection even if they find it. When you establish a VPN connection, the website will not know who you are unless you log in.

Nowadays, there is an increasing need to use tools that make it possible to bypass these restrictions and limitations, and VPN technology is just what you need. If a free VPN may be sufficient for just surfing the social networks, a high-quality paid VPN service is recommended to use for business purposes.


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