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By Jane Hero | ChangeHero | 19 Dec 2022

Cryptocurrency is like a digital form of cash. You can use it to pay for dinner with friends, buy a new pair of socks you've been eyeing for a while, or book flights and hotels for vacations. Because cryptocurrency is digital, it can also be sent to friends and family anywhere in the world.

The fact is that all traditional online payment gateways are owned by some organization. They provide a service for storing and transferring funds. In the case of cryptocurrencies, you can use free software to send funds directly to other users without intermediaries. You, your friends, and a thousand other people don't need an organization.

How do you get a loan with bitcoin, and how hard is it? You don't have to register on a website with an email address and password to use the cryptocurrency. All you have to do is download an app on your smartphone, and you can send/receive funds in minutes.


  • Free of restrictions. You can use cryptocurrency seamlessly. Centralized payment services, on the other hand, can freeze accounts or prevent transactions.
  • Hack-resistant. The design of the network makes it resistant to attacks by hackers and other attackers.
  • A cheap and fast way to pay. A person on the other side of the world can receive funds from you in a matter of seconds. Transaction fees are much lower than international money transfer fees.


Cheap cryptocurrencies for investment

Last year, many investors entered the cryptocurrency market for the first time. Their attention was mainly focused on Bitcoin and Etherium, which rose strongly. However, those investors who invested in cheap cryptocurrencies, some of which increased in value tenfold, were able to earn a lot.

The cheapest cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be bought for less than $1. Under favorable market conditions, they can provide huge returns. However, you need to invest in them carefully and wisely. Fresh examples of success were in 2022 - Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) coins grew tens and hundreds of times. You can study predictions on how how Dogecoin in 2030 will rise !

MOFT experts prepared this guide to tell you about the best cheap cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. Our goal was not just to choose the cheapest coins on the market but also to evaluate their real prospects. As we clarified above, cheap cryptocurrencies (penny cryptocurrencies) refer to digital assets that anyone can buy for less than $1. This asset class can potentially bring you good returns, even though they tend to be much more volatile than the highest-rated coins.

Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies is attractive for many reasons, in addition to being very affordable. For example, the use of digital assets and blockchain is predicted to grow over the years. If this happens, we can expect to see a significant increase in the value of both expensive and cheap cryptocurrencies.


Not many people know, but if you have cryptocurrency, you can transfer it to a third party for interest - this is called lending. This service is popular among cryptocurrency exchanges to provide liquidity as well as investors for transactions. The transferred funds are blocked in a smart contract.

Let's take a look at the two types of lending offered by the largest exchange, Binance:

  • Perpetual contract - low-interest rate, but funds from such a contract can be withdrawn or added whenever;
  • Fixed Contract - higher interest rate, but funds cannot be withdrawn until a set deadline.

Binance offers its users the opportunity to invest crypto in a perpetual contract using USDT Stablecoins. The interest rate on such a deposit will be 7% per annum. The CAKE token perpetual contract has a higher interest rate of 12% p.a.

The crypto token Axie Infinity (AXS), on the other hand, offers fixed contracts at 25% per annum, but funds invested in the contract are locked in for seven days. The lending platform Celsius provides a fixed contract for Ethereum at 5.3%.

Where to trade meme tokens

The coins listed above are listed on many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. However, centralized exchanges take the listing very seriously and add assets to the list only after making sure they are promising. As for decentralized exchanges, anyone can add a token, so all meme coins are traded on some DEX. The exception is Dogecoin, which runs on its blockchain and not on Ethereum or BSC, so it cannot be found on DEX.

Centralized memе coin exchanges:

  • Binance
  • OKX
  • Currency.com
  • FTX
  • EXMO
  • MEXC Global
  • Huobi
  • Gate.io
  • Kraken

DEX with memcoins:

  • Uniswap
  • Shibaswap
  • PancakeSwap.

Some of the most popular meme cryptocurrencies are also present in exchanges, trading telegram bots, and payment systems.

Prospects for meme cryptocurrencies

Whether meme coins will stay with us for a long time is impossible to predict - perhaps they will become mainstream, or perhaps they will be forgotten the moment everyone's attention is drawn to something else.

Volatility is a serious problem with all cryptocurrencies, and these coins are even more volatile than others. They are 99% community-driven, with rate growth largely dependent on the hype created by Influencers and social media support. Some meme-coins seek to break stereotypes, such as Shiba Inu, which created a decentralized crypto-exchange and NFT incubator. This may have contributed to SHIB being the second most popular meme coin and shib 2030 price prediction is inspirational!

The top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP, etc.) were developed to solve real problems, create a new decentralized form of currency or fundamentally change various industries and technologies. As for meme-cryptocurrencies, they essentially serve no real purpose but are a way to make a quick buck. Nevertheless, this does not make their popularity diminish, the coins show explosive growth.

The meme coins are replacing one another, and we must admit that from an investment point of view, it makes sense to consider them - but not as a long-term investment, but as a short-term tool for quick and risky profits. The bulk of the portfolio, however, should still be invested in instruments that will provide a long-term perspective.

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