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The Comedy of Free Speech Errors

By Yugocean | Champion | 27 Dec 2022

     Ok, guys, there is no free ticket, no free lunch, no free speech... Wait, there is, but everything comes with a price or a responsibility. The comedy of free speech has become bullish with Elon Musk. 

This person is thinking about strippers, heartless strippers

The Forbes example  

There is comic cover of broken heart 

Using wife example isn't going to do anything, but some people just love to tease 

A Stalin of Twitter 

Some people are so upset that they think Twitter is a country that needs to be saved from dictator.


No competition 

The reason for this meme is that you will get an error using other social media accounts on your Twitter profile.


The SuperBan

Yes, the title is Superban, not superman


Journalists Victim Card

Although I do not support journalists, because they are presstitute. 

Twitter outside twitter 

People are sometimes funny, and sometimes they behave like a clown. 

Musk himself wasn't going to miss 

Burying the bots


Digging out Darkest secrets 


Anyway, there are lots of, tons or, many people mock Elon Musk on Twitter that he is not allowing free speech, and surprisingly, every mockery is freely available on Twitter. 


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