Chainlink Partners with UNICEF Innovation Fund

By Tm904 | ChainLink News | 1 May 2021

So Chainlink just partnered up with UNICEF.

The Chainlink Community Grant Program awards a grant to support the UNICEF Innovation Fund, "a pooled fund designed to finance startups building early stage, open-source technology that address key global challenges; and the UNICEF CryptoFund, a new financial vehicle allowing UNICEF to receive, hold, and disburse cryptocurrency".[1]

They are doing this in a believe to promote valuable and promising blockchain startups to help the industry to grow as a whole.

"....our mission of creating a more economically fair world using smart contracts, we actively support projects that share this goal of applying cryptographically enforced systems in a manner that is driven less by vague brand promises and more by the value that institutions and individuals actually provide".[1]


The specific objectives include:

-> Finance technological leaps that lead to major advancements in overall quality of life

-> Provide resources and expertise to blockchain focused startups

-> Accelerate blockchain as a force for good by expanding the capabilities of startups building solutions[1]


So this not only benefits world and potentially changes lifes. Moreover this is a chance for Chainlink, because they are providing the oracle  solutions to this blockchain-based solutions.




And bullishness for Chainlink and crypto is good for bitcoin too.


This are fantastic news.


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