To The Moon #2 - I bought more Ethereum counting on a shift in the balance of power between BTC and ETH.

I didn't expect to come back with a second post so quickly, but I have sorted things out and looking at the dips and the exchange rate of my currency to the dollar, I have decided to continue. To the point.


New positions.

  1. Buying more BTC at $26,761 (doubling the position)

  2. Purchase of the first batch of CAKE at $1.841

  3. Purchase of the first batch of ADA at $0.36

  4. I bought some more ETH at $1,812 based on my theory that Ordinals might have a rebound. Ethereum seems to be less responsive to dips

Interesting fact: All the initial stablecoins were funded with my national currency, PLN. As of today, after only 2 days, the portfolio is at a minimal loss in USD but up 3.5% in PLN.


What's next?

I already have ADA and CAKE as I wanted, now I will try to focus on something above TOP100, but I need some time to observe the situation because there is a lot going on in many new networks.


Current portfolio.


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chainable. enter the blockchain

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