To The Moon #1 - Introducing to the project

My long-term portfolio has been fermenting for quite some time now (Btw "fermenting" is a correct term/definition?). A significant portion of the positions were not closed during the previous bull market and have stayed with me until the next one, with the mindset that there are no losses until you realize them. I have averaged down and am patiently waiting. But enough about that!

This is not investment advice, and I do not recommend copying my moves. However, I would like to hear opinions about them, which is why I have the idea to transfer some of my stable coins to separate wallets and create a new medium-term portfolio, which I will share in its entirety here.

News will appear when:

  1. I will buy tokens
  2. I will sell tokens
  3. I will transfer more funds
  4. I will make another transaction that will impact the portfolio.
  5. I will publicly consider buying something.
  6. There will be a stagnation, and I will want to talk :)

What amount are we talking about?

At this stage, the portfolio will be percentage-based because I don't want to frustrate or influence anyone. I remember my beginnings in crypto, and when I saw other people's investments, I thought my funds were too small, so there was no point in getting involved, etc., which made me watch from the sidelines for a long time and potentially still losing as BTC was rising. Ultimately, small amounts invested systematically formed my current portfolio. So, for no one to think about how much, but about how! The portfolio will be percentage-based until the end of the next bull market, and then I will switch the switch (if you recognize the app by its design, you know that such an option exists), and we will reveal the cards so that everyone can see the final monetary results. I treat the whole thing as a separate portfolio, and depending on how the crypto market develops, sooner or later, I will withdraw everything to stable coins to accumulate them.

For the good start.

  1. I started the whole operation by evenly funding both USDT and BUSD because I use them the most, although I don't recommend holding too much USDT alone.

  2. Taking advantage of a temporary correction, I purchased PRE tokens at an average price of 0.048 in reference to my news from yesterday.:

  3. Then I bought BTC for $27,527 and ETH for $1,839

What next?

Furthermore, in case of further significant drops, I plan to add ADA and CAKE to this basket, and then move towards more niche topics in search of potential gems such as x10x100, and x1000, where I usually allocate a small percentage of my capital.

Current portfolio state.


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