Short #3 Will BlackRock start a bull market on Bitcoin?

According to information provided by Bloomberg, BlackRock is close to filing an application to create a Bitcoin ETF, as confirmed by an anonymous source familiar with the matter, cited by CoinDesk. It is still unclear whether it will be a spot fund or another futures-based ETF, but even the latter case could have a significant impact on the market, despite expected minor effects.

BlackRock's decision is intriguing, especially considering the ongoing regulatory battle concerning cryptocurrencies in the United States. The fund must see potential profits and chances of success to take such a step. However, it is yet unknown whether the SEC will approve BlackRock's application amid concerns about potential censorship of cryptocurrencies in the US. Perhaps BlackRock possesses certain leaks or information that gives them confidence in their decision.

Something is brewing, and the bull market is slowly knocking on every unguarded window.



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