Crypto Knowledge #1 - What is Polygon zkEVM

The concept of Polygon zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) is a combination of two technologies: Zero Knowledge and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine - Ethereum virtual machine). Zero knowledge is a cryptographic protocol that provides greater security when creating evidence that verifies network credentials. EVM, on the other hand, is the system used by the Ethereum network to run smart contracts and applications on the blockchain.


zkEVM combines the speed and security of zero-knowledge cryptography with EVM coding and software development standards. This is a solution aimed at improving scalability and reducing transaction costs in Ethereum by using ZK-Rollups - a special type of rollups that use zero-knowledge cryptography to speed up the off-chain process. With zkEVM, transactions can be confirmed instantly, which contributes to greater network efficiency.


Polygon zkEVM is one such solution that provides scalability and compatibility with Ethereum. It acts as Layer 2 for Ethereum, leveraging the power of zero proof while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum. It offers EVM compatibility, Ethereum security, and zero-knowledge scalability.


The main benefits of using Polygon zkEVM are increased performance, lower transaction costs, compatibility with existing Ethereum infrastructure and increased security. It can be used in various areas such as DeFi, NFT, gaming and payments due to its high performance and security.


Compared to other solutions, zkEVM is distinguished by Ethereum compatibility, performance, security and scalability.


I hope you learned a bit about zkEVM through this article and see the potential benefits of future investments in this crypto sector.

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