The Ninth Configuration movie review
The Ninth Configuration movie poster excerpt

The Ninth Configuration movie review

By ChadtheBarbarian | chadwarren | 28 Jul 2020


  Rating 4.5/5

Ever feel crazy?  Imagine being so angry you could murder someone in a horrible way?

Think of the trauma that soldiers experience in war.

Have you ever cursed God for all the drama we are put through?

What if you could use psychology and compassion to help those who have lost their minds?

What would it be like to meet your higher and lower self?

Is there any room for God in this evil artificial world anymore?

Do you wish you could receive a sign to know you are lovee by God?   T

are some of the questions waiting for you if you dare to watch this movie written, produced and directed by William Peter Blatty who also wrote The Exorcist.  

The first part is a queer comic farce similar to parts of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest but there are some dark surprises lurking for you in the latter half.  

Stacy Keach is deeply disturbed in his performance as a USMC psychologist who is brought to a castle in the Pacific Northwest mountains to figure out why so many high IQ service members, mostly in combat except for an astronaut who flipped out and aborted a mission out of fear of being alone in space are all going insane in much higher numbers.

Is it a put on or what?  

This is a great examination in the split between our light and dark side and the quest to find love in all this sufferring.  

Its got a Shakespeare vibe and is a testamwnt to the best experimental time of cinema in the 70's and early 80's before computers ruined humanity.    


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