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Inspiration - a guy sells everything & moves to the Phillipines

By ChadtheBarbarian | chadwarren | 5 Sep 2020



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He ended up in the Philippines because of near death by a thousand paper cuts.  

He was married but just content not sad or happy.  

He met his wife when they both were working on a cruise ship.   


They started a roller skating business in Utah but ended up losing millions.  

His marriage started to suffer because of money woes so in the 90s he took another job on a cruise ship by answering an ad that said he can make a hundred thousand in a year.   

He became very successful running art auctions on the ship.  

At the peak, he was making $20,000 a month that was non-taxed because he's was working in international waters but then the company got greedy and started stealing his commissions so he was losing 100 to $200,000 a year.  



When things were going well, he got divorced and bought a half a million dollar home and a $50,000 car and would visit with his kids for 4 to 6 weeks per season while on the cruise ship and that worked for 15 years.   

He had a quadruple bypass surgery and his insurance covered 80% of that.  

He worked at a Land Rover, Jaguar dealership in Louisville, KY selling beautiful cars that break down alot.  



He hated the job despite good managers and coworkers.  

He took a lesser job selling diamonds in a cruise ship gift shop working brutal hours.

 He started a business selling photographs on all Holland American ships representing a famous landscape photographer as their official photographer.

  Since the deal was verbal, he was cut out of the deal.  

Now, he was sleeping on his Mom's couch driving his mint 50k car as he paid off debts.

  He was hating life especially since he couldn't see his kids like he had as a big spender.  

Now he's suicidal. 

He was on good terms with his Ex paying her 7k/mo till he couldn't and then she helped him out.  

He thought about going to Thailand but changes in law made it harder to expat there.

  Then he remembered coworkers from the Phillipines always said he should visit but he had no interest after travelling the world for 40 years.  


But he knew it was cheap and most people there speak English.  

His mint 50k car sold for a measly 6k - don't buy expensive cars unless they are used.

  He moved to the Phillipines with no plan and 10k.  



His  brand new laptop, in a case, fell and the screen was cracked when he checked it in the hotel. 


He used a Swiss Army knife to check it out with no repair experience and got it working.


  He started teaching online despite crappy internet.  

He went on an adventure tour.

He lost his phone and stuff that was in his fanny pack he had had for 20 years he bought in Brazil that was made of leather.

  He left a note promising a $20 reward if found. 

The next day the boys he saw the day before dove and found it. 

The phone was toast but things started to turn around.  



He found a nicer place he couldn't really afford but he started to make a little more teaching and he met other expats.  

He brought a rope he bought to hang himself but he didn't because he knew it would kill his Mom.  

A year later, he is happy, in a relationship and doesn't want to leave despite the negatives such as bad internet and roads.  

They have no cases of coronavirus.

  He had no interest in the younger women there till he moved there and they continued flirting when he said he wasn't rich.  


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