My favourite Artists of all time (part 1)

By Shattered | cesar cantante | 24 Jan 2021

Have you ever happened that, you listen just one song of that particular singer/band/trova, and out of nothing you start to smile, to feel goosebumps, or you feel really great, or even all your energy depleted during the day gets restored? I think i'm not the only one who feel that way with some specifical music, am i right? Well, this article is to show you what musicians/bands/etc. makes me feel that way, and after this, i'd like to know which ones are yours.

As a disclamer, i'm not doing a top x of any of the artist/bands/genre/etc in this article, as a matter of fact, there is no order of any kind here, i'm placing them as they appear in my mind and in my heart, so, if you think X should be in X spot, read again this disclamer.

There will be no order of influence, or genre, only what i feel.


1. Camilo Sesto (rest in peace)

I (incredibly) remember when i was a 5 years old toddler, i used to see my mum to do her choirs in the house listening to him, and she told me now as and adult that she used to see me react to his music in a really possitive way, i was calmed and happy.

No wonder i love his music at my age (33 yrs old)

He has a voice that catches you, sometimes so calmed and relaxing, and other times so powerful that makes you feel goosebumps, you can feel all of that when you listen his version of Getsemaní, from Jesus super star (spanish version). If you want to see what i'm talking about, i leave you the song and lyrics right here:


"Yo quiero decir
Si puedo pedir
Que apartes de mí este cáliz
Ya no deseo su amargura
Ahora quema y yo he cambiado
Y no sé por qué he empezado

Yo tenía fe
Cuando comencé
Ahora estoy triste y cansado
Mi camino de tres años
Me parece que son treinta
¿Y qué más puede un hombre hacer?

Si he de morir
Que se cumpla todo lo que Tú quieres de mí
Deja que me odien, que me claven en Su cruz
Yo quiero ver, yo quiero ver, mi Dios
Yo quiero ver, yo quiero ver, mi Dios
Quiero saber, quiero saber, Señor
Quiero saber, quiero saber, Señor

Si he de morir
Dime si es por qué he de ser mejor de lo que fui
Dime si mi vida con la muerte he de cumplir
Yo quiero ver, yo quiero ver, mi Dios
Yo quiero ver, yo quiero ver, mi Dios
Quiero saber, quiero saber, Señor
Quiero saber, quiero saber, Señor

Con morir, ¿qué voy a conseguir?
Al morir, ¿qué voy a conseguir?
Quiero saber, quiero saber, Señor
Quiero saber, quiero saber, Señor

¿Por qué he de morir?
¿Por qué?

Dime por qué quieres que me claven en Su cruz
Muéstrame el motivo, dame un poco de Tu luz
Di que no es inútil Tu deseo y moriré
Me enseñaste el cómo, el cuándo, pero no el porqué

Muy bien, yo moriré
Pero, pero, por favor
Cuando muera, cuando muera, mírame
Por favor, mira mi muerte

Y yo tenía fe
Cuando comencé
Ahora estoy triste y cansado
Mis tres años ya son miles
¿Por qué entonces
Tengo miedo de que ya todo termine?

Dios, yo no empecé
Fue Tu voluntad
Dame el cáliz de amargura
Clava, azota, rompe, mata
Pero pronto, hazlo pronto
O yo me voy a arrepentir"


2. The Devin Townsend Project (Actually Heavy Devy himself)

I've started to listen Devin's Music since Strapping young lad, although that's not his start in music, he actually started as the lead singer of Steve Vai's band on the 80's.

yeah, in those times he actually looked like voldemort with a nose

My favourite songs when he was part of Strapping young lad was ShineFar beyond MetalConsecuences, among others.

Then i found his personal project, and i fell in love with it, entirely, there's no favourite song among them, i loved all of his songs, specially because there's a lot of collaborations, like Anekke van Giersbergen, another of my favourite singers ever. What i love about devin townsend is the complexity of the man itself: He has a really wide vocal range, his colours are so different, he is able to sing in an opera-like style, he can also sing really soft, he has a unique vocal fry, that sounds like a panther, getting really high notes that lets you with shiver in your body, his perfomance ability that shows you he is actually enjoying what he is hoing, and most of all, he is really passionate about it. Imagine all of that in only one song... Mindblowing.


"You are a sun Goddess
Will you save me?
Hooray for you

Now the rain it comes, the rain it blurs the grey line
The grey line... the Greyhound home
You are so vicious (Hurt me, I can take it)

'Cause it's all in the heat of the moment
It's all in the pain

Sonar, sonar again...

It's on again, (got no wings... gossamer wings...) on again...

You are a sun Goddess!
Will you save me? Pain... pain... pain...
'Cause it's all in the heat of the moment
It's all in the pain!
So give in to the heat of the moment
Give in to the pain!"


3. Anneke van Giersbergen

There's no person in this world who doesn't love angelical voices, specially if that voice is from Anneke. I listen to her music since The Gathering, and i always loved their slogan that was like :"we are happy people playing dark music".

This is one of my favourites

She has perfected even more her voice, when she started, she sounded really nice, but now... She sounds amazing, her short retirement to be a mom did great for her. She started to do her own projects and do a lot of collabs. Among them you can find her singing with Within Temptation, Danny Cavanagh, and of course, Devin Townsend.



"I close your eyes with my mouth
Now you don't see anything
But you feel my breath all over
I can feel you too

Although I don't really know you
I don't really care

Cry with me, make my day
Tomorrow all will be gone
All the sweetness and all the fun
No, I don't wanna know

Although I don't really know you
I don't really care

Now that you're gone I don't know
How to really feel inside
Baring the hope to see you again
I guess I never will

Now that I do really know you
Yes, I really care"


Well guys, that's it for the part 1, if you want more of this, please let me know in the comments, and give me your thoughts about it. Who knows? maybe i fell in love with some of your artists. The more the merrier.



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Thank you for reading my content, i love you all <3

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