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Day #4 - 3rd day results

 I will keep it simple today just giving you the numbers because nothing extra ordinary happened. The price never passed the $5.26 mark, so I left the bot to do it's thing. Right now is sitting comfortably on $5.

The total profit since start is $14.91 just $2.85 since yesterday. I suppose all days are not the same!


The latest numbers for today since start are: (difference from yesterday)

- Number of trades : 496 (+123)

- Average buy price : $4.98 (-0.01)

- Average sell price : $5.00 (-0.01)

- Fees : $1.53 + 0.24 CEL


Thank you for today and see y'all  tomorrow!

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Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom
Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom

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