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Day #2 - Get those CELs to work

 As I wrote on yesterdays post I need to find some ways to make those tokens to grow and the most obvious way is trading.

 Of course, this opens the way to a number of problems. First of all I can't learn to trade just like that in a couple of days. I don't mean that its difficult to put a couple of limit orders on an exchange. This is easy : Buy low - sell high, right? Well, I believe it's a bit more complicated than this, especially when I watch videos on people analyzing their theories. You watch 10 videos, you get 10 different approaches and you're sitting there more confused than you was before.

 On the search of easier ways, I thought something automated should be more efficient in my case. I looked around and found that trading bots are fairly easy to create and they can do my "job" even when I sleep! This was the real deal for me! Unfortunately solving a problem creates another and in my case I needed an exchange to include CEL token AND a bot to connect to this exchange. Exchanges supporting CEL token are not that many and after some searching I found FTX.

 If you want to give FTX a try use this link You will get 5% discount on fees. Here's their pricing 

FTX fee tier

 Fortunately, I found also 3Commas which includes FTX exchange on their bot range. What is awesome with 3Commas is that if you use only 1 bot, its free. With other words is exactly what I need for my "experiment". 

 If you want to give a try to 3Commas use this link You will get 10% discount for the first purchase of monthly subscription. Here is what you get



Back to our story, I tried to understand how CEL token behaves under a weeks period and it looks like is fairly stable. 




 As you can see above it is fluctuating between only $4.8 to $5.1 but at the same time it never stays still. It looks like a good bot strategy. 

 I created a 68 grid bot with lower limit price at $4.54916 and upper limit at $5.2632. The quantity of each grid is 4.3 CEL for a total of 292 CEL.

 The bot is running since yesterday noon and until now it generated $3.97. Yes, yes I know! Just under $4 a day but remember; everything above $1 a WEEK is a success! Well, I call it a success (for now). 




 I will leave it on its own for a week and I will post the results every day. I will adjust it only in case the CEL price goes outside the grid.


 Are you a bot expert and have some useful info for me? Feel free to leave a comment below!


 That's all for now, I'll see you all tomorrow!

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Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom
Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom

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