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Day #1 - The background

Hello everyone, 

The title of this post is actually not entirely right because the story begins about a year ago. To correct this issue, it is "Day 1" for this blog.

For about a year ago I got from somewhere, somehow 1 CEL token. The only thing I remember is that - at the time being - it was nothing for me.

Fast forward to November 2020 and while I watched random videos on the internet, I got a suggestion of a video featuring an interview of Alex Mashinsky (one of the creators and CEO of Celsius Network). 

His answers to the interviewers questions where to the point and I liked him a lot! So, I downloaded the Celsius app and I made a wide research around the token and the company.

What it really amazes me about it, is the total transparency and the dedication to its customers. Of course there are some issues people is complaining about - like the lack of fast enough customer support - but they find it difficult to catch up with the pace of growth! Recently they hired some 100 new people and they still aiming to hire even more.

Coming back to me, I thought its a good concept and I moved my - very low value - founds from Binance to Celsius. We are talking here for about $300.

I deposit to Celsius on November 5th $200 ~ 123 CEL @1.62 and $100 ~ 7700 MATIC @0.013. Why MATIC? Because there was an astonishing interest rate of 20+%!!

The interest rate I got every Monday were ca $0.4 for MATIC and $0.3 for CEL (payed in CEL tokens because I got better interest rate).

The time showed that I got lucky with those picks because right now CEL is averaging at $5 and MATIC around 0.04. With other words my $300 became $900 in about 3 months. Not bad isn't  it?

Well, not good either! $900 will not give me the financial freedom I'm so desperately seeking!! I must find a way to put those dollars to work and grow for me cos the interest I earn every week is next to nothing.

I will try some ways to make them grow and I will post all of these here day by day. What ever profit is above $1 per week is a success.


Thank you so much for reading this post. Tomorrow I will post my first try: 3commas + FTX. Stay tuned


P.S. If you want to give a try to CEL token, you can download the app both for android and apple here:

Join Celsius using my referral code 136964efba. If you transfer $200 or more and holding them for a month we will both get $20 worth of BTC.

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Although in my early forties, I still looking for answers in every question.

Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom
Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom

On this blog, I'll post my thoughts and actions to become financial free with the help of CEL token. How long time will it take? Well, only time will tell...

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