TronUp - 200 000TRX for Whales

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 18 Oct 2019

TRON UP 200,000 TRX Whales Campaign starts now, we are looking for the whales in TRON! During the event, join the ranking campaign and win maximum 80,000 TRX; being daily champion can win 1,000 UP every day; being daily winner king can win 100,000 TRX!


So far, few people have participated in the competition and those who have not yet accumulated a large amount of wagerred TRX




Oct 14th 0:00 (UTC) — Oct 28th 0:00 (UTC)


1、Ranking reward: After the event, the champion on the leaderboard who bets with TRX can win 80,000 TRX, the 2nd winner who bets with TRX can win 10,000 TRX, the 3rd winner who bets with TRX can win 7,000 TRX, the 4th winner who bets with TRX can win 2,000 TRX, the 5th winner can win 1,000 TRX. Top 6–20 winners can win 1,000–20,000 UP.

2、Daily campaign: During the event, the daily champion who bet with TRX can win 1,000 UP.

3、Daily winner king: After the event, the user who becomes the daily champion for the most days can win 100,000 TRX awards. The leaderboard will update in the telegram group everyday, please keep an eye on us.

4、Tronlink lucky winner reward: Choose 20 users who use Tronlink app and bet with more than 2,000 TRX, each user can get 500 UP rewards.





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