TronDash manage your witdraw divs from one place

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 18 Aug 2019 saves you countless hours of time by clicking dApp to manage your Dividends.


DASH Definition

DASH is a deflationary token linked to, an innovative utility that enables you to see your div earnings on the most popular dApps utilizing the Tron blockchain.

There’s a 2% burn rate for all DASH transactions and a predefined amount of just under 21MM, a total that will be widdled down through a continuous transaction burn.

Not just an economic experiment, DASH is backed by the TronDash ecosystem. Revenue from advertising and forthcoming Dapps will be paid as dividends to DASH token holders.




DASH Distribution

DASH will be airdropped in waves to those who make use of the TronDash tools

For those who want to compound their DASH exposure, staking mechanisms will be available, allowing you to seamlessly grow your DASH crypto portfolio.




DASH Destination

DASH strives to build an ecosystem of dApps that use its TRC-20 token

DASH will enjoy the spikes and stability from continued innovation of the TronDash network, delivering trailblazing utilities that set the precedent for other dApp development

A stability floor for DASH, built on the burn and buybacks from platform activity earnings and deflationary transaction pressure





DashBank - staking

Passively earn divs by storing your DASH inside DashBank
20k Daily deposits from TronDash

A transaction fee of 10% is charged on deposits/withdrawals which is then distributed to the dividend pool     351665157-d47d98e369ddd19edcea6a846c2e25806e733b36174f4afeae788f770f2668f6.png     Dash Lotto   Each ticket gives you an equal chance to win a daily prize of 1000 DASH!
Feeling lucky? Each ticket gives you a 1/65,535 chance to win the progressive weekly Jackpot
The hash determines the dash, with the result completely verifiable on the Tron blockchain.
HODLing DASH as well? 15% of the massive weekly Jackpot benefits you! This chunk of the jackpot goes into DASH buybacks and burns   351665157-6b22abd93108d22e339726eb49b5619230343dad271806b3a86b33805c01cfe5.png           




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