The discussion is over, Bitcoin won

The discussion is over, Bitcoin won

By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 11 May 2019

Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz expects Bitcoin to top its $ 20,000 maximum within 18 months.

Novogratz was a guest at the US nationwide news television, CCN, in which Bitcoin is likely to be able to keep up over $ 6,000, with another target of $ 10,000.

But when it comes to the other cryptocurrency, he thinks they won't go up that fast. "Other Coin ... Ethereum is the second largest, then Ripple ... has to prove that they are useful, right?", He asked rhetorical in CNN. Novogratz noted that out of the 118 elements present on the periodic table, only gold is called a value holder, which is in line with what he said in February when he said that Bitcoin will take a unique place in the cryptocurrency sector and that it will be digital gold, a place where you have sovereign money.

Other precious elements - such as the copper we value because we use it - Like copper, altcoins must prove to be useful, which means that the teams behind them must get people into their community to get the right developers and programmers to bring a product that is truly worthwhile, and Novogratz has also been asked about the current worrying market turmoil in There is no doubt that the Bitfinex and Tether case, which is being investigated by the New York Prosecutor's Office, is of concern.

The owner of most Galaxy Digital shares admitted that people should be a little worried, but noted that even the largest cryptoburches currently have only a limited amount of cryptocurrencies stored at the "hot wallets" and no investor has lost their money.

He also noted that Bitcoin was virtually unresponsive to these bad news and continued to rise in price. That is a clear signal that the bull market is already here. Finally, he responded to the words of economist Nouriel Roubini, who said that cryptocurrencies are the mother and father of all bubbles: "The discussion is over, Bitcoin won." Now, people around the world see him as a legitimate place to store their value. "


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