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What is is an online gambling dApp (decentralized app). It is exclusively linked with the UPDC token - a rise only stable currency. The predictability of the UPDC token is what sets apart from other gambling dApps which experience initial pumps and then crashes that never recover.

With a sustainable economic model and long term development pipeline, plans on building the largest selection of games giving players a trusted and provably fair platform.




What games are available?

  • Casino - Dice (Available)
  • Slots (Available) - blocked in USA (and territories), Israel, Iran
  • Casino - Moon (Coming Soon)
  • Casino - Roulette (Coming Soon)
  • Casino - Blackjack (Coming Soon)
  • Casino - Baccarat (Coming Soon)
  • Casino - HiLo (Coming Soon)
  • Casino - Plinko (Coming Soon)
  • Casino - Video Poker (Coming Soon)
  • 1v1 (Coming Soon)
  • Sports Betting (Coming Soon)

What tokens can I bet with?

  • TRX (Dice, Slots)
  • UPDC (Slots)
  • EOS (Dice Coming Soon, Slots Coming Soon)
  • IOST (Dice Coming Soon, Slots Coming Soon)

What are dividends?

Own the house, literally! Dividends are the profits made by which are paid back to the community every 24 hours.





How do I share in dividends? has developed a unique staking and dividend system which allows players to stake mined UPDC tokens. When you mine UPDC, you can stake and earn a percentage of the daily dividends. Every 24 hours the platform pays out dividends to users who have staked UPDC. The amount you will receive is based on your share of the total staked UPDC in For example. If there are 10,000 UPDC tokens staked and you stake 1,000, you will receive 10% of the daily dividends.

There are just under 1 billion UPDC in circulation but only a limited amount of tokens have staking rights on the platform. Here are the ways you can stake.

  • Play with TRX and mine UPDC
  • Earn referral rewards paid out in UPDC
  • Playing UPDC will earn staking rights on your existing balance (playing UPDC won't have the ability to mine tokens)

What is Mining UPDC and how do I do it?

Simply playing a game on with TRX, EOS or IOST will earn you UPDC. You’ll receive a share in the UPDC mining dividend for that day which will be paid out every day at 0600 UTC time.

Mining UPDC has two core benefits, you get principal growth owning the asset plus the ability to stake them to earn daily dividends.

What is Variable mining?

Most dApps have an incentive model to get you to play, for example; Wager 500 TRX get 1 XXX token. At the mining of UPDC comes from a 24 hour UPDC Mining Pool which will go up and down. All the players that wager during the 24 hour period share in the UPDC Mining Pool at the end of the session. Variable mining means some days the mining rate will be higher than others. The biggest benefit to this model is fairness & sustainability long term. more players equals harder to mine which equals bigger rewards. Less players equals easier to mine which equals less rewards. A good way to think about this is supply vs demand on an exchange.

How does the mining system work?

The mining of UPDC tokens is variable and based on a number of key factors that each contribute to a daily UPDC Mining Pool.

  • The current price of UPDC and your betting currency
  • UPDC Betting Profits (House profits from UPDC betting)
  • Buy Back Fund (House profits from each game from non-UPDC betting used to purchase UPDC)
  • A mining stability fund established temporarily to lower volatility as the project gains more popularity.

All of this data is shown in real time in the dividends page. The mining pool is run over a 24 hour period and at the end of that period the tokens are distributed to players for that day. Your share of the Mining Pool is calculated proportionally based on your share of overall wagering compared to other players for the day.

What is the Mining Stability Fund?

The mining stability fund has been established as a way for Moolah.Bet to create a great user experience for players in the early stages of the platforms' development. A 1 Million UPDC fund has been established and will payout a maximum of 10,000 UPDC per day. The team is committed to providing players a dynamic, safe and transparent gaming experience. The stability fund will provide players a more enjoyable experience as the platform gains popularity in the coming months and years.

How do I play games?

To play any game on you must be using Google Chrome and have the TronLink wallet extension installed. For information an installation instructions about TronLink click here.

To play Dice and Slots games with TRX, you must own TRX tokens at your TronLink TRX address.

Additionally, to play Slots games with TRX you must deposit TRX into you slots wallet using the cashier tab on the slots page.

To play the Dice game with UPDC, you must own TRX tokens (for paying fees) at your TronLink TRX address and own UPDC tokens. You can earn UPDC tokens by mining UPDC through or by connecting UpLink to access your UPDC balance purchased through the official UPDC exchange.

Specific instructions for playing each game can be found on game page.



What is UpLink?

UpLink is a wallet linking product that allows players the ability to play with UPDC purchased on official UPDC exchange as well as exchange UPDC for BTC in a safe and secure way.

How do I connect UpLink?

To connect UpLink first you must have an account on the official UPDC exchange. Once you have an account, click ‘Connect your UPDC to the official exchange’ in the top right dropdown if you are on a device with a large screen or within the Moolah menu if you are on mobile.

What is the UPDC exchange?

UPDC tokens can be bought and sold on the official UPDC exchange. Please note that buying UPDC tokens will be subject to staking restrictions. We recommend reading the whitepaper to learn more.

Can I sell UPDC tokens? How to sell?

UPDC is currently in a centralized phase of its development. The UPDC project was started over 2 years ago with the vision to create a no-volatility rise only cryptocurrency, a mission that will take many years to achieve. Selling can be performed on the UPDC official exchange

Warning!!!! Selling tokens is extremely difficult at present given the low liquidity levels and buyer/seller demand imbalance. The UPDC Foundation is in the process of decentralizing & listing UPDC on major exchanges around the world. No official released timeline has been announced but it’s important all players understand selling UPDC might be difficult in the short term. If you have concerns about the liquidity of UPDC tokens we would highly recommend waiting for further developments in the coming months.

Staking rights earned while playing with UPDC

As an incentive to UPDC token holders, you'll be able to earn staking rights on UPDC tokens by earning at a fixed wager rate of 100 wagered equals 1 UPDC staking right.



What languages are supported?

  • English (Available)
  • Simplified Chinese (Coming Soon)
  • Korean (Coming Soon)
  • German (Coming Soon)
  • Spanish (Coming Soon)
  • Russian (Coming Soon)
  • Portuguese (Coming Soon)
  • French (Coming Soon)

How do I connect with the community?


      Website -

What if I have a problem?

If you need to speak to a support agent please drop us an email at [email protected] please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond.



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