The Gardener

By Catontherun | CatOnTheRun | 30 Aug 2020


I finally did it and put up all my stuff up for sale on the local 'for sale' Facebook page.  It's unbelievable how much good stuff you can collect over the years that you never really need, but when it's gone, you need it. You had that too right? Everything had to go because on my journey I can only take one suitcase and start all over from scratch when I arrive at my destination. Only necessities can be packed. The old copper trumpet is not necessary but I like it. Oh, and the lemon-squeezer not necessary but it works good so I'll take that.

Most of my stuff I gave away to a mom with a little girl, she contacted me and said that her daughter wanted to do some gardening and she needed some pots and plants to get started.  Mom made sure to get the tools for her little girl that she needed for her wish. That is great parenting. Perhaps next week she wants to become a hairdresser, a doctor or firefighter, guaranteed that her mom supports her all the way.  In the afternoon they arrived at the gate of my garden. "Wow, it's so green" the mom said and she looked surprised when I told her that today was her lucky day and she didn't know what was happening. The shy little girl with about 15 ponytails with rainbow-colored bows on her head was holding her moms hand. I looked at her. "Your mom said you want to be a gardener and you need some things right"? She smiled. "Well, look around and tell me what you need to start your garden".  She looked around and her eye fel on a little bucket with a pretty picture on it with purple lavender, and she needed that. "Is that all you need"? Yes that was all she needed.  I gave her some more pots and plants and her mom could just choose anything she liked from the stuff that was still here and take it home for free. She looked around and said that she just moved here with her little girl, with not much other than a suitcase. She just got a job and had to start from scratch and could use everything. Clothes with the price-tag still on, bed-sheets, cups, plates, kitchen-stuff. books, pencils, notebooks and off they went, the gardener with her pots and plants, and mom loaded with stuff for her new household and that felt so good.


“Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.” (Confucius)


We all know this quote but you can also say it like this; "Do unto others what you want done unto you". Not that I am a people pleaser but we all need some help sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that. With most of my stuff out of the way I could tidy up the house and the broker could come over to take pictures he wanted to use to sell my property. "Why on earth do you want to leave", is what people ask me and if I tell them why, they think I'm crazy. "There is no new world order, there is no 'take over' from governments, they are not taking your freedom,". But look at what is happening in the world right now. I might be stuck here forever, not able to travel if I don't comply to a vaccine.  Like the gardener you need the tools to survive. No tools, no soil, no seeds, no water, no growth no life. When I think of the future and I am here in a place where nothing grows except palmtrees because it's a dessert on a rock  and when food shortages that already start to happen all over the world we are in trouble.  So I think I am smart with my 'escape plan' but I can also be totally wrong and end up in a worse place and lose everything, but I'll take that chance. 

I my blog 'Cat On The Run',  I will share my new journey ahead, my thoughts and tell you about the past. Easy to read short stories to relax and to give you a peek into my life, how I ended up in the deep jungle of the Amazone, my strong connection with nature and the things I love and hate that can make you laugh and sometimes cry. How I lost my Bitcoin personal key, went totally bankrupt, climbed out, got scammed, almost lost my property, climbed out again 'processed' it all on my own and it didn't kill me. 

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The world has gone mad. Knowing what is coming I escaped a tropical island, jumped on a plane back to Europe, bought a trailer-home and a car and left for eastern Europe where I bought a house and land in the woods where I live now with my wolfdog Alpha


We live in a spectaculair time, me perhaps a little bit longer than you and unexpected getting ready for a new adventure, to find my way back home.

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