Figure it out yourself.

By Catontherun | CatOnTheRun | 20 Aug 2022


Look, he doesn't have to do it of course, he can also do jobs on his boat or his car.
He speaks in the language I neither understand nor speak and discusses in detail whether everything is right officials and translates in English. 

He doesn't have to do it all but he does. I am convinced that the universe puts the right people on your path to take you further. Not to stagnate you, not to cheat you, not to make your life miserable.
He knows where to find everything and knows what I want, Hungarian antiques in my house and beyond and sends me the links to where I can find what I'm looking for. He doesn't have to.

'Well old woman figure it out yourself' I have better things to do on boats or cars, but he doesn't do that, not today and not last week either. Together we go to the immigration office for my papers.

'If they know that I am a colleague (police) then it goes faster'. Arranging car papers is faster and now that the police in the city know that my car belongs to 'an acquaintance' and why it still has such a weird number plate on it, it's okay because we ran into colleagues .. 'Nice car'.. 'yes is from an acquaintance' and is working on the papers.
All in all, the entire process took exactly a year to get my papers for my house due to a mistake at the notary. Such a procedure then has to be started all over again. Your house will again be put up for sale publicly in case a Hungarian is interested because here applies 'own people first'.
That Hungarian did not come, I saw more cars pass the house and people watch, but then there was no new roof on it and so I waited a little longer with that. If a Hungarian would come forward willing to buy the house, it would simply be bad luck, because he would then have the first right to buy. Now it is no longer possible because the period has passed and I am now the full owner of the house, the land and everything that is in the ground, including the groundwater that I pump up and use for drinking and for the garden. That groundwater took some time getting used to, but I remember that as a child I drank from a well at the forester's summer camp 'just taste it, the ranger said, this is real water from the ground', the ice-cold water clattered from a large tap into an algae-covered green concrete trough and I scooped the water out of the trough with my hands and brought it to my mouth and slurped up the water. I still remember the taste and this is how the water here tastes exactly like from the well at the rangers place. Precious pure water with a precious reminder of the purity of nature.

Precious also this 29-year-old guy who can go to work on boats or cars, but still takes his whole day off because his girlfriend has to work anyway and takes time to arrange papers with me, do some shopping and drinking coffee at a luxurious upper-class restaurant where you are almost welcomed like royalty. A child of good parents, the ideal son to be proud of.

I e-mailed to the internet company to ask when they would come to install the satellite. ....'Can take a month, because busy busy busy'.
My satellite connection for the internet with this young man as contact person was arranged and installed within a day!
'I'm going on holiday for 10 days' he says at the end of the day, 'but if there is something wrong just call me and I'll send someone'.

The moral of the story.
Everything you have given to others in your life without expecting anything in return will come back to you in a surprising way.

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The world has gone mad. Knowing what is coming I escaped a tropical island, jumped on a plane back to Europe, bought a trailer-home and a car and left for eastern Europe where I bought a house and land in the woods where I live now with my wolfdog Alpha


We live in a spectaculair time, me perhaps a little bit longer than you and unexpected getting ready for a new adventure, to find my way back home.

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