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Ten Photos From Lalibela Town, Ethiopia

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This will be my closing blog entry from my trip to Lalibela. I had some more photos from about town I wanted to share, but they didn't really have a central theme besides that. Despite the rainy weather, this was one of those trips where everything j...

European people think cryptocurrency is the future e payment

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Europe is the center piece of trade and businesses in the world According to a survey done by blockchain firm block data about 32% European people thinks that cryptocurrency are the future of digital e payment This survey also shows that in 100 europ...

Atop The Hudad Plateau, Ethiopia (Part 2)

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If you missed my previous post, Hiking To Hudad Plateau, Ethiopia (Part 1), please give that a visit before proceeding. Once we reached the Hudad plateau, we had the opportunity for some well-deserved rest. This included some fasting-friendly lunch...

Holidays in Venezuela, Merida the city of mountains, snow and parks.

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Merida, the city of knights, I invite you to get to know it. It is the city of the mountainous peaks of Venezuela, where there are the snow and the Andean moors, the cable car and beautiful educational parks for all tastes, I invite you to know it wi...

Crazy story ending of nice trip to Gdansk, Poland

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In the beginning, I'd like to start I live for 27 years in Poland since born. I wrote my story in the English language and please forgive my mistakes in spelling or grammar.The travel happened Friday 12th of October 2018. After setting up what was th...

Hiking To Hudad Plateau, Ethiopia (Part 1)

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After the short hike to Ashetan Maryam (Saint Mary) Monastery, we continued on towards Hudad Plateau, a 3200m high mountaintop at the edge of the Simien Mountains. The day was still very overcast and at times a thick fog would roll in. The hike itsel...

Living In Djibouti, Africa | Part 5 (10 Photos)

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In this post, we take to the sea, specifically the Gulf of Tadjoura. The gulf is one of the few reasons tourists actually visit Djibouti, and you will see why. To find the most pristine beaches and crystal clear water, you must make your way several...

The forest was present in Rio Claro, Barquisimeto.

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I want to tell you that I took a few days and enjoy the benefits of nature. It is a good, beautiful and cheap hobby. I came across something new, and it was the first time that I was touring that area and I think it is not even touristy. The cooles...

Bitcoin is about to get legal in india

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India is one of the world's largest economy and 7th biggest country in the world The government of india wasn't pleased with bitcoin and cryptocurrency from the beginning There was many debates about this topic on the congress. Some government offici...

Tourism unleashed via the Tryvium Blockchain - part 2

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This is part two of a two part article about the problems faced by the broader tourism sector and how the Tryvium Company LTD aims to solve them with blockchain technology. If you missed the first part, it is available here: