Four Alternatives to CoinMarketCap | "In Crypto, Information is King"

Four Alternatives to CoinMarketCap | "In Crypto, Information is King"

In crypto, information is king.

A lot of new people in the crypto space trust TOO much to a single source.

#CoinMarketCap is not the center of the universe!

Are you tired to have a tiny view of the crypto space?

Crypto #news space is huge, but here we will start with 4 pure diamonds:


Crypto Potato (

Powerful source of information. Funny and friendly! Take crypto easy, hodl, and keep kalm.

A lot of literature for begginners, 6 languages.......

...... And a warm community


Potato revolution! Grown your own food, be autonomous! Keep human distance and be safe ;)





CryptoSlate (

3 years old website with a lot of future! Serious data, analysis and comprehensive info. Mighty source!


They have and independent view, with no afiliation to any company or interprise.

Young boys do it SOO well! Try them!





Coinlib (


More elegant ,accurate ,and trusted than CoinMarketCap.

Awesome grafics than make you understand better the crypto inner movements.



High quality guides and more interesting stuff, give them a chance to embrace you!



CoinGecko (


We all love geckos, but this is an special one!

Friendly enviroment, easy presentation and a lot of good stuff!

They try to be an entry gate to the crypto space, and they made it!

Strong community around them since 2014...



If you would like to job with CoinGecko team, they are waiting for you!


Awesome job in their semestral and yearly crypto reports, the best way to see with your own eyes the crypto-state-of-art!

2017 Yearly Report

2018 Yearly Report

More reports in


There are a huge amount of alternatives to the mainsteam sources like CoinMarketCap and those 4 projects only are a tiny example of the diverse crypto ocean, but everywhere is a good place to start, don´t you thing?

Where do you go to be update? Let us know in the comments.

If you like this information or it has been useful to you, let me know it!

Til next time!






A crypto-organic learning machine that works in the final pacific revolt

Catalunia Blockchain Resistance
Catalunia Blockchain Resistance

Here we will talk about how the blockchain will chance catalunia people and fight against spanish opresor. Blockchain enable e-identity, e-local-comerce, empower people against censonship, and so more. Spanish imperium dont want any disidance, they dont let the people to vote, for independence nor referendum, for choicing monarchy or becoming a republic. Catalunian people want to take out from jail all political prisioners, a legal referendum for independence from Spain and reestablish dignity.

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