Unusual Cat And Dog-Related Words And Phrases And Their Meaning

Unusual Cat And Dog-Related Words And Phrases And Their Meaning

By Cat And Dog Tips | Cat And Dog Tips | 28 Mar 2021

A collection of a few of the more interesting words and phrases that we have stumbled across over the years relating to our canine and feline friends.



A cumlin is a word derived from comeling and is used to describe cats that comfortably and suddenly attach themselves to new owners, commonly to secure a sneaky second feed supply or when they consider a better deal is available!


This term is an old Scottish term that is used to describe the sound of a purring cat.


This is a word used by some in the 17th century and means the whiskers of a cat.


Although most cat lovers are familiar with the term "tabby" to describe a domestic cat with a striped or mottled coat, what many may not know is that the term was coined by European traders in relation to the silks created by weavers in Baghdad, Iraq that were inspired by the varied colors and markings of cats.

To get one's back up

Whenever someone gets your 'back up', that phrase used to describe when we are angered or annoyed by someone or something you may be surprised to learn that the phrase relates to cats.

When our feline friends make themselves big by arching their backs they are literally getting their backs up in relation to a threat or confrontation and this is how the term originally came about.



This is another old Scottish word that was used as a nickname in the early 19th century to describe a dog that was greedy or lazy.


A grumble is a collective name used to describe a group of pugs.

Dog eat dog

This term was originally derived from an old latin proverb Canin caninam non est which actually translates as dog will not eat dog. The term evolved in the 1930's to reflect a more selfish society in which a dog is now capable and more prone to eat another dog.

Hair of the dog

Now often described in relation to having another drink as an antidote to the aftermath of a heavy nights drinking, it may surprise you to know that the original phrase is actually dog-related.

It was considered at one time that it would aid recovery in the case of a rabid dog bite if you placed the hair of the dog that bit you upon the wound or drank a potion containing it!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Although this is a commonly used term to describe a situation where things should be left alone what you may not know is that the origin of the term can be traced back to the Bible, Book of Proverbs (26:17).

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