Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds According To The Golden Ratio

Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds According To The Golden Ratio

By Cat And Dog Tips | Cat And Dog Tips | 26 Apr 2021

An interesting study carried out by a pet insurance company used an algebraic equation known as the 'golden ratio' to determine the cutest dogs in the world.

The golden ratio is commonly used to determine how aesthetically pleasing something is and this was applied to the 100 most popular dog breeds.

The ancient greek mathematical formula is more commonly used in fields such as architecture and design so it was interesting to see that it could be applied to dogs.

Calculations were based on the measurements between the dogs' key points such as ears, eyes, nose and  tongue to determine the symmetry of each dog's face . The measurements were then calculated against the golden ratio and the higher percentage measurement scores were used to determine how 'perfect' the dog's faces were.

Based on the percentage of each dog's measured face adhering to the golden ratio, the top ten cutest dogs were determined to be the following.


1. Dalmation - With a score of 67.03%

2. Irish Water Spaniel - With a score of 66.26%

3. Wire Fox Terrier - With a score of 65.53%

4. Labrador - With a score of 64.67%

5. Basset Hound - With a score of 64.43%

6. Samoyed - With a score of 64.33%

7. Jack Russell Terrier - With a score of 63.86%

8. Rottweiler - With a score of 63.65%

9. St. Bernard - With  a score of 62.94%

10. Golden Retriever - With a score of 62.52%


An interesting way to calculate 'cuteness' indeed but any dog owner will tell you that it's their canine companion's imperfections that make them just perfect!

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