5 Quirky Dog-Related Things You Might Find Interesting

5 Quirky Dog-Related Things You Might Find Interesting

By Cat And Dog Tips | Cat And Dog Tips | 16 Apr 2021

One of the pleasures of researching the canine and feline world are the seemingly never ending occasions when I still say to myself "Well I didn't know that!"

I have compiled five lesser known pieces of canine trivia that may interest you.

The Wagometer

In 2003 a canine behaviorist by the name of Dr Roger Mugford created a device known as a Wagometer. Dr Mugford claimed that the small device when strapped to a dog's tail could help interpret a dog's mood. 

An interesting article containing more details about the wagometer that was published in 2003 by The Evening Standard in London can be found here 


The Year Of The Dog

Those of you born in 1946195819701982 and 1994 take a bow! In the Chinese zodiac you were born in the Year Of The Dog. 

You are considered, in Chinese astrological terms, to be both loyal and discreet but also slightly temperamental!


Do Only Male Dogs Raise A Leg To Urinate?

I know this may appear an odd question but there is an interesting answer that may surprise you...
Very dominant female dogs also raise a leg to urinate-just not as high as male dogs.

Although the above is not very common, it does happen and can occur even if the dog has been spayed.


A Dog Church Actually Exists

Stephen Huneck, a children's book author, built a Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, USA in 2001. The inspiring story of Huneck's Dog Chapel and some great pictures of it can be found here


A Lesser Known Collective Dog Group Name

When I was a boy I remember being impressed at finding out that the collective name for a group of crows is a murder. You may have known that little fact but did you know that the collective name for a group of Pugs is known as a grumble?


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