10 Signs You Could Be Turning Into A Cat!

Many of us have 'cat-like' qualities but we've put together a definitive list to measure yourself against. Feline-related fun that could indicate or disprove whether you're becoming more like a cat by your habits. Enjoy!

1. You would sleep all day...given the chance!

2. You need more attention...but pretend you don't..

3. Your best friend...is a cat

4. You eat too much...when you want to...

5. You go out at random times...because you can!

6. You avoid human contact when you need to...

7. You're excited about a box arriving through the post..

8. You'd spend hours getting spruced up...if time allowed

9. You would rather be playing than 'adulting'

10. You deserve a treat.....because you're special


1-3 You're good. You may be slightly 'cat-like' but not enough as to be obvious to your family and friends.

4-7 You're 'feline like' in your thought patterns and habits but not quite a full-blown moggy...yet!

8-10 You're either very 'cat like' or you actually are a cat!


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Cat And Dog Tips
Cat And Dog Tips

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Cat And Dog Tips
Cat And Dog Tips

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