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Upland mobile - Casual Mobile Gaming experience for NFTS - Getting Started and Advice for Newcomers

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 29 Apr 2021

What is Upland?

Upland is a mobile game available now on Android and iOS which features an experimental blockchain in which properties around the world in major cities are represented as NFTs, which are minted on the blockchain. Ever wanted to try and own the Empire State Building? Well you could have if you had been one of the first players in New York when it launched! That thing is now worth a ton! The goal of the game is very similar to Monopoly, you collect and purchase properties, and complete collections of properties for rewards! These properties then passively create a very small amount of income, usually between 20 and 50 UPX a month per location. Properties in this game cost anywhere from 1500 to 1,000,000 UPX, with many properties being available in the 1500-6000 UPX range. 1000 UPX is about $and they are currently creating ways for these NFTs to be sold for fiat and other types of crypto as well!

With Oakland California launching soon, this is an excellent time to join and get some cheap properties in a great location! 50% of the properties in this are will be FSA Properties, which are for new players only!

Where to Start in Upland

I recommend starting in whatever the newest location is, and I would even say that choosing a location that has just launched is ideal, as you will have the largest opportunity to find FSA Properties, quickly, and throughout the city. FSA Properties are finite in each city, so once they're all bought out, that city is no longer ideal for new players. Right now, at the time of writing this article, that means you would want to start somewhere in California, because of the new upcoming city Oakland.

If no location is being launched currently, you should choose a location with the cheapest market, and preferably it should be one of the newest locations. This will ensure you're not priced out of your starting location, and that you can find some FSA properties throughout the map. Remember that the sooner you join, the easier this game will be, but that this game is also more like an investment, and it's not actually a 100% free game to play, you will almost definitely need to pay $10 before you can actually, truly start to play the game as intended, and even then, your foot is in the door, and this is a slow game, focused on weeks, not days, not hours. 

Starting the Game

It's very easy to start in Upland, you are given anywhere from 3000-6000 UPX as a sign up bonus, this bonus can be improved further through referrals: If you use my referral link here, you will receive a 50% bonus to your first paid purchase in Upland (10=15, 100=150!). Your starting UPX will only go so far, it will be enough to buy 2-4 FSA properties. FSA stands for Fair Start Act, and are special properties which can ONLY be minted by new players with a networth under 100,000, you can get these for usually a very cheap price ranging from 1000-2000.  These properties will show up on the map, and be labeled FSA. When your character is closed enough to purchase them, they will light up green, like the other buildings. As a new player, these should be your priority! Spending 1600 on the same space somebody else is selling for 3000-5000 is a MUCH better use of your initial UPX. Do NOT spend all your UPX on one location that's not FSA and costs 4500 UPX. This is the worst thing you can do as a new player.


FSA Properties are greyed out when you are not near them, and turn green when they are able to be bought. As a new player, focus on these!

With 2-4 small Properties you'll only be making about 50-100 UPX a Month. 

Becoming an Uplander (IMPORTANT)

This is probably the most important header in these sections, so make sure to read this if you have any interest in this game: You must reach 10,000 Net Worth for your assets to become permanently yours! Otherwise you must sign in every week, go to your profile, and refresh your visa stamp, or your assets will revert back into FSA properties for new players to obtain. Reaching 10,000 Net Worth also gives you the ability to SELL properties. This 100% requires paying, you will NOT be able to play this game very effectively for free, unless you are planning to play for years, and even then, it will only get your foot in the door. I wholly recommend purchasing at least the $10 necessary in order to keep your assets and begin selling and flipping them (This is where the game starts to slowly pick up, NOT when you only have 1-2 properties)

If you wanted to do this for free, it would take you almost 10 months, from 8500 Net worth, to earn the additional 1500 UPX, even after earning all of the free UPX that you can. If that is an acceptable time frame, and you prefer a truly free to play experience, it is possible, it is just obscenely long and many will be turned away at this moment. BUT if that's what you want to do, you're probably asking, well how can I get my net worth that high? 


Getting more UPX (The Free Way)

Like I said before, if you used my referral link, you will receive a 50% bonus to your paid UPX, but I'm sure many people are more interested in getting some free UPX at first, and trying to make their efforts go as far as possible while they are initially trying out this NFT game. The simplest form of income is the passive income you receive for simply owning properties, of course this is such a small amount that many will be wanting more ways to earn.

For new players, there is a one week Daily Sign in bonus, which lasts for the first week straight of signing in. You will receive an increasing amount of UPX each day, with the final 7th day being worth 300 UPX, in total, you should receive just under 1000 UPX this way. That's it, unfortunately for truly free UPX, you will have to work for all other UPX you get, excluding your very slow passive income from properties. At this point, your net worth will be somewhere between 5000 and 7000 UPX, give or take.


The menu in game, where UPX can be bought, properties and collections can be seen, etc.

Fortunately, there are still Collections, and Treasures. I will talk about Treasures in a future article, for now, as a new player, I recommend Ignoring them entirely. As it costs 20 UPX to send your character from location to location, and when your monthly income is less than 50 UPX, you can see how that's not a good idea, in just a few sends you're spending months of income that could be better spent saved for a new property. I recommend waiting until you own more properties  before you even consider these (your properties are FREE to move to). If you want to try spawning the free daily treasure, you can try to get a feel for how the game works, but again I don't recommend sending your Explorer to any locations as it adds up extremely fast. 

Collections are a good way to get some UPX for a little work. Own 1 Property? Go into collections, plug it into that collection and you'll receive some UPX and a multiplier bonus for your property! Own 3 Properties in the same city? Do the same thing for a larger amount of UPX and another, larger multiplier bonus on all three properties. There are a few different collections that are easy to get as a new player:


Own 1 Property. / Own 3 Properties on the same street. / Own 3 Properties in the same City.

This should net you another 1000 UPX, or more, depending on how many of these you manage to get, and it will also boost whatever properties you have active in these collections, giving you slightly more UPX a month from them!

With all of this, at best, you've probably added Properties, increasing your monthly UPX from 50-100 to about 125-175.

At this point, you are probably just under the 10,000 net worth. When I started playing, I think I bottomed out at 8500 Net Worth before deciding to take the jump and invest a small amount of money into the game. This is intentional, and you have to realize that while this may be a game, it's more of an investment, as are most NFT related games. These are real, unique properties and you are able to sell them for USD as you grow and amass new property. The game aspect of it is simply gamifying the trading/exchange aspect of Crypto. Luckily, your required investment is VERY LOW compared to other NFT games, for instance, Axie Infinity requires nearly $1000 invested, straight into the game before you can even PLAY it. Many other NFTs are pricey, or have barriers to entry like creating a Crypto or NFT wallet and performing transactions with gas fees and hidden costs. This might be a little scary for somebody just getting their feet wet in Crypto/NFTs.

Getting more UPX (The Paid way)

So you've decided to buy into this NFT game, maybe $10 isn't much and you're really curious, like I was, about how this game might unfold from there. Maybe, you dropped $100, or $200 because you REALLY believe in this game and its potential, or maybe you just really want to own an iconic part of New York, or your childhood home in Fresno. The point is, you've bought in, and you now have got cash and the ability to flip those properties, selling them to others for either more UPX, USD, or trading for different properties. This is where the game is really opening, but remember that you're still only just getting your foot in the door. If you'd like to end it here, you can attempt to sell your small properties for small amounts of USD, and try to profit, but I believe that amassing more properties, initially, is the way to go. If you're this far into the article, the idea of a property flipping NFT game is probably of interest to you, and you probably don't want to cash out immediately. Likewise, these smaller properties will probably take a long time to sell for USD or Crypto, as the large scale, iconic properties are what tends to sell. Consider these more like stepping stones.

So, buy some FSA Properties. If you spend $10, I recommend you continue to stick with FSA properties, as these will be the biggest bang for your buck. If you spend 50+, if it was out of desire for a specific location, I won't stop you, but the FSA properties only last until you reach 100,000 Net Worth and you definitely wanna snag up a bunch if you can. If you spent more than 100, you will lose access to FSAs, but that's okay, purchasing some cheaper properties won't set you back too far, and you can probably afford some of the advanced collections, like some of the ones seen below:


More complex collection requirements offer better rewards and bigger multipliers!

Like before, remember that Collections are an additional source of income, and look at the more complex ones for ones you might be able to finish with your newly found UPX, I recommend buying with a specific strategy in mind, whether you want to finish same street collections, same city collections, or collections for specific, iconic neighborhoods. Those multipliers increase your monthly rewards, and the flat UPX bonus could mean 1, 2, 3 more properties to later be able to flip or complete additional collections on top of those.

The first thing you should do when beginning to sell your properties is know that all FSA properties have some minor limitations on them: You can only list for sale at a time, and you can only sell per week. But, now, instead of that 50 UPX a month, you're able to make anywhere from 5000-9000 UPX a week, flipping FSA Properties. I recommend selling these properties at 3000-4000 if you'd like to sell them ASAP, and, depending on your area, you can sell for up to 10,000 but look at your nearby competition and selling options before deciding to price so high. Your goal right now shouldn't be to sell for the maximum amount, your goal should be to sell quickly and buy quickly, in order to amass more FSA properties to sell, and then in order to amass larger properties and more properties. 

CasualCrypto Going Forward

This is our first post, we recently got accepted as a blog on Publish0x! We decided to do our first post on Upland, because it was the first thing that really got us into NFTs, and we wanted to share that experience with others, in the hopes that other people who may be skeptical might have an opportunity to dip their feet in the water and experience nfts and crypto currency in a fairly casual way! It is our hope that each of our new posts gives our fellow readers the opportunity to do this, hopefully as safely as possible with very little risk, allowing them to experience and learn these things in ways they might enjoy.

We are hoping to pace these articles out with new players and people interested in Upland, we plan to release a more detailed article about next steps, including specific strategies for Upland, how the Treasure, Sends, and Events work. These articles will likely be up soon, but we plan to add helpful images and edit this article initially to tweak it.

Casual Crypto also plans to create more articles about different types of casual entry points into crypto and NFTS for newcomers, with minimal investment and setup necessary. Some of the stuff we'd like to cover includes other types of Crypto and NFT based apps, such as Wax Wallet, Pi Network, Valora, and Coinbase, and getting beginners involved in the process as easily as possible. I'll also cover Axie Infinity, but from an outsider's perspective, as we do not intend to invest 1000 into it.

We are not advisors, and we are not recommending or endorsing any of these NFTs or Crypto related organizations, instead, we are simply gathering websites, apps, and games with low barriers of entry that allow a consumer to experience these things safely, for very small amounts of financial risk. None of these articles are get rich quick schemes or advice! They are simply ways for people to get involved. We will also offer our experiences where possible and strive to rectify the mistakes we made with different apps and companies. Thanks for taking the time to read this article! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! If you'd like me to do a specific article on a more in-depth topic for any of these articles, please let me know in the comments! If it is within my knowledge, I will create supplemental articles to help!

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