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CasualCrypto begins on Publish0x

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 2 May 2021

This isn't this blog's first post, but it's essentially a sort of celebratory first post, thanks for having us here on Publish0x! We recently got accepted to publish on Publish0x, and are super excited! Thank you Publish0x for giving us the opportunity to write here and share information with you, whoever you may be, reading this article. Hopefully this type of blog will benefit you.

We felt that Publish0x has a lot of blogging content relating to NFTs, Crypto, and their applications and websites. However, it really felt like many posts assumed an intermediate or even expert level of knowledge in the field, and many of these posts focused on NFT, Crypto, and their connections as a strictly investment focused practice. There were very few speaking to just enjoying the space, very few which strove to introduce the space to absolute newcomers. There was risk, and complex curves, finding the right entry points, dealing with gas fees and multiple exchanges with different exchange fees and how wallets transfer from one to another, and it gets confusing fast for a newcomer. I can recognize this, as anytime I talk about NFTs or Crypto, I know a lot of my friends and family's eyes glaze over. It felt like a great niche to fill here on Publish0x would be to attempt to fill a more 'casual' space, thus, CasualCrypto was born! 

We are focused on finding new crypto and NFT related experiences, especially those which have low barriers of entry, a reasonable degree of safety, and/or are widely accepted. Our goal is to streamline these processes, and offer articles that give more casual readers the opportunity to engage in crypto and NFTs safely and get their feet wet. It is our hope that when reading our articles, newcomers decide to try something relating to Crypto or NFTs, not necessarily because it'll make them money, but just as an experiential opportunity that they might have otherwise been afraid of. After all, these are products and currencies created by the people, for the people, we should strive to lower the barrier of entry here as much as we can, so that more people can benefit from it. 

So, let's talk about what we aren't going to do:

  • We aren't going to write articles on how to get rich at crypto. There's a million of those, and honestly we are not the experts you should be looking to for get rich schemes. This is about casual entry points, you're not going to make bank, but also you can become invested on the cheap.
  • We aren't going to write articles about overly complex, or overly expensive entry points (Or if we do, it'll simply be to show you that they exist, for a deeper dive into crypto and NFTs, and perhaps we will link to other Authors with information on these subjects! We hope to work collaboratively with other authors!)
  • We aren't going to write articles on things we haven't experienced ourselves (Or, if we do, we will make sure you are aware of this, and provide plenty of first hand experience from others that we know wherever possible!)
  • We aren't going to advise you on what to do with your Crypto, NFTs, etc. Our goal is to get you into crypto, get you to try NFTs, there are hundreds of other, more complex, intermediate and advanced articles that will do that FAR better than us.

What will we do:

  • We will post on how to find advanced and intermediate articles that give good, sound advice, and are from far more experienced authors than others.
  • We will post on NFT and crypto related exchanges, wallets, and experiences that are easy to create, and less complex to use, providing tutorials and explanations of associated costs.
  • Occasionally, we may post a series of links to other articles we feel will especially benefit our readers, looking for newcomer focused articles that provide entry points into the crypto space.
  • We will post on games, arts, and other creative news relating to NFTs and Crypto, and their applications within these fields. (As a practicing artist and contracted graphic designer, this IS something that I don't mind speaking to.)
  • We will try to find low-cost and low-risk entry points into crypto, for all types of newcomers, whether you are under 18, looking for a way to start to learn, or are simply not knowledgeable in the subject, it can be scary, and it can be hard to ask for help and know where to start. We hope to give you some footing there and guide you along your way to becoming a more experienced crypto user)
  • We will post our own experiences with crypto, alt coins, top coins, NFTs, etc, and their applications within investing, art, games, etc and try to engage and speculate in interesting ways that will give ideas to our readers about what the future of NFTs could be in different fields.

We are going to strive to provide real opportunities, apps, wallets, and experiences that streamline the experience and allow newcomers to engage in a very complex economic ecosystem! Our articles will be focused on these newcomers, both to Publish0x, and to newcomers into Crypto and NFT. We will strive to cover a wide variety of subject matters, such as Wallets, Exchanges, Games, Apps, places to Earn Crypto, places to get free NFTs, and other things that allow newcomers to experience a free, or very low-cost entry point into these areas. Afterall, cryptocurrency and NFTs are about widespread acceptance and creating a decentralized financing system that is for the people.

Some of our future articles will focus on things like Wax Wallet, Coinbase, Pi Network, and various Crypto mobile games, plus secondary expanded articles about specific aspects of different things, like the next Upland article, in which we'll talk about more in-depth tutorials and information about the mobile game.. We also have plans to create tutorials on creating NFTs, how NFTs could be implemented into the field of Game Design, and how they could be implemented into other fields as well. Initially, we will strive to post at least 1 article a week, however, we will likely post more than 1 initially, due to the huge amount of content and information that we are constantly finding, and also due to the fast paced nature of NFTs and Crypto.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really hope you guys enjoy the articles we put out, and I hope that it motivates even 1 person to attempt some Crypto or NFT related stuff! Please let me know in the comments if you'd like to see any particular articles, and if it's within my realm of knowledge, or any of my associates, we will strive to continually create high quality articles that provide in-depth information. 

You can check out our initial article about Upland located here. it details the basics of Upland, and highlights the new city, Oakland which has been released with new FSA properties. We plan to update our articles and create more in-depth articles every couple of weeks, following along with progress updates, tutorials, and case studies for different apps, games, and projects happening in these spaces! For Upland, we plan to create in-depth tutorials on Treasures, Buying/Selling, Strategies, etc. as well as follow along with our progress and investment into Upland, with a recap exactly a year from initial investment to see how we do, and how you might be able to do as well!


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I would consider myself a casual crypto and NFT investor, with very limited experiences into each. I am focused on free, or very low capital investments, and finding and creating opportunities for others. I am a contracted graphic designer and artist.


This is a blog specifically focused on the 'casual' cryptocurrency or nft person, that is, someone who is either new, and rightfully cautious of the area, risk-averse investors, and others who'd simply like to experience NFTs, Cryptocurrency, etc. in a safe way, without having to blow the bank. This blog is for alternative crypto interests, more so for gamers, micro investors, artists, and other aspects of NFTs and Crypto that don't fall under the concept of investing.

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