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Top 3 Blockchain Games/Companies I'll be Spending My Time & Money On

This is what the title says and nothing more, just a short list of the games/companies I'm invested in and a short description of each. I'm new to the sphere and I'll be the first to admit I haven't tried, read about, or heard about most of the other games and companies out there but I have a life outside of crypto and gaming so I can only limit myself to a few games to really invest in and these are the ones that I'm sold on and extremely hyped for.  These are also the 3 things I'll most likely be talking about, elaborating on, and making guides for in the near future. That being said I'm not closing my mind to learning about and maybe even trying others so feel free to suggest and discuss in the comments! In no particular order of preference here they are:

1. Town Star (Gala Games)


Town Star is farm simulator and it's the first game for the Gala blockchain from one of the founders of Zynga and some of the creative minds behind FarmVille and Words With Friends. These guys know how to make games and how to sell them so there's a lot to bank on from just that. They offer real game rewards, the chance to mine while you play, and global competitions on the Gala Games Blockchain. The game is still in testing phase and the first halving for Gala rewards is less than a month away. A huge world wide game in the making and we have the chance to be a part of its growth, and of course enjoy the games they release. 

LINK: Town Star (Gala Games)
Guide: Create Account; How To Play


2. League of Kingdoms


LoK is an MMO strategy game on blockchain that will supposedly: look and feel like Rise of Kingdoms, have game play similar to Game of War, and have its own unique economics. Though I don't have much experience in these types of games, what drew me in was the opportunity to be a landowner which will allow you to essentially earn dividends from the use of your land and earning a share of the profits of the game. Land is an NFT asset that users can own, cultivate, contribute to, and earn lucrative rewards from. They give you an in-game advantage in the form of resource rewards (you get 5% of resources that are collected within the land), and give you DAI rewards based on the Lands development. If you own a genesis land and the game expands to have new continents, you will also have ownership of that same land in the new continents. As the game platform expands so does your potential to earn from it.

Land Pre-Sale is almost over, and the official release of the game should be by the end of June. 

LINK: League of Kingdoms


3. Crypto Burst & Crypto Slicer (Sparkpoint)

Crypto Burst

Crypto Burst is a 3 match puzzle game with crypto rewards, basically Candy Crush with a crypto flavor. Crypto Slicer is a knife hitting challenge with NFT knives. Their games are simple yet challenging but really the main selling point for their games is the crypto rewards and tournaments they're hosting for their games. The hype surrounding their token is appealing. SRK was in the Top 5 Gainers List on CoinMarketCap for at least a week, and even managed to top it on some days. It was up 1000% monthly in June, and still up 241.6% from last year despite the huge correction from its peak weeks ago. 

LINK: Sparkpoint (SRK)

Pictures attached are screenshots from their respective web pages or social media accounts.

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Casual Blockchain Gaming
Casual Blockchain Gaming

Casual blockchain gamer writing about things he's playing / wants to play. I'm not an expert and I won't pretend to be one. I am very competitive when it comes to these things but quite frankly I've got a lot going on in life and I know my limits. Blockchain games are one of the likeliest doorways to blockchain mass adoption, so they're a high potential investment if they actually gain traction, and they're games, so they're supposed to at least be enjoyable for a niche audience. Earn + Enjoy. Lezgo!

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