Huge 50% discount on the best investment option for one of Blockchain Gaming's hidden gems!

Hidden Gem of a Blockchain Gaming company giving a huge discount in one of their best investment options, Gala Nodes!11ec86d1a8a51fce167b7a63972d7e7e2b541d879696304bd77dff4ca0e8f832.jpeg

$1000 is a huge amount but this project has a star studded team (co-creator of Zynga is the CEO; team behind FarmVille and Words with Friends working on Town Star, the first game in the Gala Blockchain) and they've tirelessly and quietly been building the Gala blockchain and their top tier blockchain game the past few years.

How to purchase at the end of the post!

The price of these Nodes recently spiked to $2000, but are at a huge 50% discount for only 48 hours. If you upgrade to Gala gold which costs $10, you even get a $100 discount. So you get your node software for roughly $910!

Things to consider:

  • There will only ever be 50,000 Gala Nodes. 
  • Gala Nodes are essential to supporting the network and in return node owners are able to be a part of the daily Gala distribution and will also be regularly rewarded with rare and legendary NFT items for TownStar and all the other games that will be developed in the Network (Card Game and MMO in the works). These items are projected to be well worth over $100 each and you'll be getting a lot of them early!
  • You will be able to sell the node license in the future. Demand for them has been good, a lot being sold at $1250 before the price spiked to $2000, and even then they were selling. More than 2000 Nodes sold already!

More info:

How to Purchase:

  • Sign up for an account.
  • Upgrade to Gala Gold for the $100 discount
  • Go to the Nodes tab and purchase at the greatly discounted price!

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Casual Blockchain Gaming
Casual Blockchain Gaming

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