Flow is the Blockchain for Open Worlds [Games, Apps & the Digital Assets that Power Them!] Token Sale Until October 2!

Flow describes itself as the  platform for a new generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them. They have very high profile partnerships for their blockchain and they're having their Community Flow Token Sale until October 2.  

Very very exciting time to be in this space and Flow looks to have amazing potential to be revolutionary and lead the pack. Building games on other blockchains has its fair share of downsides, and having a blockchain built for things like this will shape the landscape drastically moving forward. 

Flow is a decentralized developer-friendly blockchain made just for games, apps, and their own respective digital assets!



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Casual Blockchain Gaming
Casual Blockchain Gaming

Casual blockchain gamer writing about things he's playing / wants to play. I'm not an expert and I won't pretend to be one. I am very competitive when it comes to these things but quite frankly I've got a lot going on in life and I know my limits. Blockchain games are one of the likeliest doorways to blockchain mass adoption, so they're a high potential investment if they actually gain traction, and they're games, so they're supposed to at least be enjoyable for a niche audience. Earn + Enjoy. Lezgo!

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