Introducing Castweet - Crypto Rewarding Live-streaming Platform

By Castweet_Official | CastweetOfficial | 17 Sep 2019

Hello from Castweet!

I wanted to take some time to introduce our new blockchain project to everyone and talk about what we have upcoming in the near future. As our project is just starting our social media expansion and marketing push, you most likely have yet to hear about Castweet (CTT token) so let me introduce our project to you (the next posts will go into more detail abour our platform) or you can check us out at

Castweet is a mult-broadcast platform based on blockchain incentives for everyone.



Castweet is for Everyone.


What does that mean? Well, we looked at the current offerings for live-streaming or sharing your created content (Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Dlive etc.) and it seems nobody is happy. Content Creators are not earning the amount they should, have too many issues with transparency and fairness, and new creators cannot even begin to create a following. Beyond that, viewers get nothing for generating the value for the platform through providing views to advertisements.


Not that kind of viewer...

What if we could rethink that model and reward both Content Creators and even Viewers?

Well, the blockchain and cryptocurrency allow us to do just that. Create a great video that everyone loves? Boom, you get some rewards. Trying to become a new streamer but find it too hard to get new viewers? Castweet has got your back with higher discoverability. Spend an hour watching your favorite live-streamer? Hey, you also got rewarded. Want to support your favorite creator but your wallet is empty? Castweet is also there, ready to allow you to use your gains to support them!

We believe that this new reward model can create a platform where everybody is happy. Creators & Viewers earn and share!

So, what can I expect from Castweet in the near future?

  1. An updated version of our Whitepaper and website with our revitalized token ecosystem model and development plans.
  2. A detailed explanation about our platform and key features.
  3. Our Marketing plan and goals.
  4. New exchange listings, partnership announcements, updates about our development progress.
  5. Airdrop opportunities where you can earn CTT from helping us out.

We hope that you are interested in our new platform and follow our development.


Ready to broadcast or livestream with Castweet?

Can I buy Castweet Token(CTT) right now?

Yes, we are currently listed on Coineal exchange with a CTT/BTC pairing. you can follow this link to the exchange:

Has Castweet performed an ICO/IEO already or do you have future plans?

Yes, we did our first IEO with a limited run of tokens through the Coineal platform. The IEO sold 3.75 million of the 2 billion token supply. We are still planning future ICO/IEOs to increase the available circulating supply and give interested investors an opportunity to purchase tokens.


Our chart over the last month since our limited IEO

Is Castweet interested in private sales/investments?

We are considering different fundraising models. If you are an interested investor, you can get into contact with me via [email protected] for more information. If you are just looking for small investments, it is best to just purchase off the coineal exchange (listed above).


What features would you like to see in a live-streaming platform? What do you see as the biggest issues with Twitch/Youtube etc at the moment?


As always, please follow us on our Social Media:





Kakaotalk (한국어방):

Need to get into direct contact with me? Email me at [email protected]

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Castweet is a multi-broadcast platform that provides blockchain-based incentives to everyone. Rewards both Content Creators & Viewers!

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