Know Where To Promote Your Affiliate Link

There are many requests from Digital Marketing affiliates, who contact you, to know how and where to promote your affiliate links because popular social networks no longer allow this process, and even go so far as to block your account if this happens.

Today I bring you two amazing platforms to promote your affiliate link, your website, your blog, or any link as long as it’s not from adult sites. I have tested it myself, and it has been a good road to digital success if you are trying to sell a product worldwide.

Firstly I bring you AdFeedz.


AdFeedz, is a professional promotion system designed to increase your sales, get more leads and sign ups, and provide you with additional income streams. Plus, the platform has a compensation plan that is a surefire, unique system, never seen before, paying up to 90% commission!

Maybe you say: But what about Hashing Ad Space? It is the best promotion site today. You are right, in recent months, a platform called Hashing Ad Space has revolutionized the way you advertise on the Internet, offering the best potential for website leads; but not everything is a bed of roses! Like popular social networks, Hashing has also stopped promoting affiliate links and even monetized sites.

AdFeedz, we can say that it is a tutifruty, as I said above, except the adult sites, you can promote your link here, and with low price, and even better with the balance you will earn here on the platform, for free viewing ads. . You do not need to have a Visa, or MasterCard, to promote, you just need to create an account on the site, start viewing ads, and earn credits to promote and ready.

Secondly I bring you


Like AdFeedz, is an amazing platform, it is an advertising platform where you can advertise your product at very low cost; and you can also make money browsing any site using You just need to create an account on the site and download the extension.

After that, you can easily make money through just by browsing through this browser. Normally google chrome, opera and firefox are good for this site. You can now also earn by viewing video ads; or referring someone.

The site provides up to 10 levels of referral commission; and each level provides 10% of the reference yield. The minimum payment is $ 0.03. Payments are sent instantly upon email confirmation by payment methods such as visa, mastercard, usb, payeer, advcash, webmoney, Qiwi.

So enjoy today, start promoting and making money without any stress.

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