How to Deal With Fraudulent Platforms?

How to Deal With Fraudulent Platforms?

During my 6 years of Freelancing, one of the things that I could realize is that you should not rush about making money from the thousands of offers you see in advertisements every time you scroll a page on the web.

The internet, it can be what it is, although they talk a lot about the deep internet, how malicious, the internet that we see today and we use, it is even worse. Do you know why? Because there are evil and merciless people you can not imagine.

Since the beginning of the growth of the crypto currencies in the market, the frauds tripled in such a way that you have no idea.
Today you can win a billion and lose in the blink of an eye; so all care is little. I know platforms are good and they fight to help us maximize to grow, and protect our capital, but among 100 investment platforms, two of them are safe, the rest will run away with your money.

This is exactly where the problem of newcomers in freelancing is, misleading advertisements make the person have unrest that will never materialize, just to plunder you.

So here are some tips for you that are new to the world.

Check the platform no matter where it is, even if you know the partners or friends.

Analyze everything, certificates, permits, agreements, records, domains, location, type of owner, partners, where they live, how they live, where they studied, what their purposes.

Until the next post.

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