Asimi Silver Coin Design

Are you a designer? Are you a Guru in this designer business? Then came his chance to be one of the first to win the Asimi silver coin; (Silver Bullion Asimi)


Hashing Ad Space will change the back of Asimi, and Asimi will now become a tangible coin, and the Hashing team has made the coin design available to anyone who wants to make the designer; and the winners will be the first to win those silver coins.

Check out the Rules for participating in this contest below.

If you are interested in submitting a coin-back design idea get your design featured in our first limited coinage besides being the first to receive a 999 Silver Asimi Coin …!

Here is some design information to help you get started: Our first coinage should celebrate the launch of Asimi and the creation of our encryption coins and Asimi silver coins. This coinage is all about our beginning, and to recognize our first members (you) by engraving the words “Asimi Founder” (With our limited coinage, this will be the only example of an “Asimi Founder” coin and a large collector’s coin. )

Designs may vary, and we invite all forms of creativity.

The current face of coin design.


The idea is that this remains the same, although some minor changes. It could be done to match or display something special of importance.

Information to display on the back of the coin.

Asimi Founder
2019 1oz Silver 999

Please use file types: JPG, PNG, PSD

Finished coin size is 35mm in diameter

For now, please send ideas or questions

to support via ticket submission here.

We look forward to seeing your design!

Luke Millard
Hashing Ad Space, CEO

Level 13, 50 Cavill Avenue
Surfers Paradise, QLD
Australia 4217

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