How to Make a Consistent Profit Gambling (Nanogames) Updated for August 2021

By Crypto4JP | CashMoney | 27 May 2021

This is Not Financial advice.  DYOR and gamble responsibly.

Most of the time, when you gamble, you lose money.  At the dealer has a 1% advantage.  Over time, you are guaranteed to lose all your money.  But that’s not the only bet you can make.  You can also stake the house by providing for the bankroll. 



Providing the bankroll gives you a cut of the profit the house makes over time.  I was skeptical at first, so I decided to test it using the house currency, CUB.  You are given 1000 cub when you start, but I got lucky on a few games of crash so I had around 1200 to start. 


as of 5/23/21:


I should note that because of the dilution fee, my actual return is around 328 CUB, but my profit is lower.


I recommend you try this with CUB before risking any actual money, and also be aware that just because something makes money in the past does not mean it will continue to do so. This is not financial advice and please do your own research.  That being said, you have a statistical advantage over time.  If you don’t want to take a big risk, use 0 leverage, that way the most you can lose is a % of whatever the house loses. 


Since you have a statistical advantage over time, eventually (theoretically) winning money seems likely.  If you put up leverage, however, and if your losses exceed your principal, you lose everything, and this could happen if someone goes on a really lucky run for too long, so please be careful.


I deposited 1218 CUB on 5/7/2021.  As of 5/23/21 my share of the bankroll was 1522.  That is an increase of roughly 25% over 16 days.


As of June 5th, my bankroll was 1743 CUB. I made a total profit of 525, which is an increase of 43% from my starting capital after a little over a month.

Shortly after, I withdrew and gambled 45 CUB on Crash.  I lost all of it.  A good reminder that betting against the house is not a great move. Because of this, my bankroll was down to 1698.


As of July 3rd, my bankroll was 1766.  I made a total profit of 593 CUB, which is an increase of 48.6% from my starting Capital after about 2 months.


As of August 2nd, my bankroll was 1896.  I made a total profit of 723 CUB, which is an increase of 59.4% from my starting capital after 3 months.


Good Luck!




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Nanogames (Please gamble responsibly): 


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